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I haven't been around in ages... what's good these days? For reference, I like stuff like:

Cowboy Bebop
Haibane Renmei

Anything along those lines? Something cool, not just Super Kawaii Moe Neko Desu animu #242876872652, please. Thanks in advance.
Too many trolls on right now. Try later.
Why bother coming back if you found a way to quit /a/?

Fukumoto wrote it.
Also, he wrote Akagi, so Kaiji is also awesome, but in its own way.
Kino's Journey. Watch it.
Weird, I like all of those too.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Code Geass
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Dennou Coil
Black Lagoon
Bamboo Blade
Seto No Hanayome
Legend of the Galactic Heroes
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New Hellsing series, Hellsing Ultimate.
Do it.
Only 4 episodes though so far. An hour long each.

Also, we have the exact same tastes.

What this guy said. Most of us are only here because we need our fix. Those that aren't haven't been here long enough to realize there's no way out.
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Mononoke and, uh... Wolf And Spice.

Mononoke is a definite.
>ef - a tale of memories
No - interesting special effects do not patch a cliche plot.
No - bullshit pacing due to break from manga's plot.

Girl Who Jumped Through Time
Hellsing Ultimate
OP again. There's no danger of me getting sucked into the animu void, trust me. I've been a pretty lukewarm fan -- only the "good stuff" (which I realize is subjective). I don't have wall scrolls and figurines and shit.

I'm intrigued by Kaiji. Already seen Kino. I meant to list Baccano as one of my liked shows.

What about that Legend of the Galactic Heroes? Goofy name -- is that a joke suggestion or a good show for real?
Also, what's up with Higurashi and Haruhi? Are they going to makes seasons 3 and 2, respectively?
Legend of Galactic Heroes is pretty good, but you'd probably have to be a fan of the space opera genre.
>What about that Legend of the Galactic Heroes?
Never seen it myself, but all signs point to good. Be forewarned: it's really long, and I've heard it's a bitch to get your hands on.
Ghost hound.
check out season 2 of Haibane Renmei, not many people know about it but shit is good
Ergo Proxy.
Ghost in the Shell
read 20th century boys

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