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>Regrowth - Allows complete recovery of any form of damage/injury. It is not a form of recovery magic; instead, by reverse-reading the records of the Eidos, copying the past information of the target and directly overwriting it, he is able to make the injury "not have existed in the first place".
>Decomposition - Decomposes material into atoms. Has been used by Tatsuya to unarm hundreds of soldiers from their guns at once.
>Material Burst - Decomposes substances into pure energy following E=MC², almost like an atomic bomb. Actually produces more energy than an atomic bomb, as energy is not lost to collisions between electrons and positrons like in annihilation reactions.
>Elite martial artist by world standard. His physical ninja skills are so impressive people thinks they are spells, when they're just his natural parameters.
>Elite class strategist by world standards
>Incredible speed at releasing magic, elite of the elite by world standards. Can essentially eliminate the buffer time completely
>Nearly unlimited magic supply
>Eyes analyze magic, allows him to cancel spells.
>The worlds greatest magic technology engineer
>His crippling flaws are that he's merely "average" in looks and suffers from weakened emotions, making him the cool badass stoic character. He also is bad at baby tier spells, making people discriminate against him.
>TL;DR: The LN
If he is that strong, and the winning girl is already decided. What is the point of this?
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None after the first vol.
Fuck, supreme Gary stu by world standards

hate those characters, no fun allowed

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