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hard mode: must be steampunk

It's basically Medabots but set in Industrial revolution England, every year there's this tournament that takes place with people all over the world, however, the oversee of this tournament notices that something is off about this one and calls in a detective to help solve some mysteries...Or other bullshit like that either way fuck you because you'll watch it anyway.

13 episodes + an OVA it doesn't get a second season or any continuation.
Imagine punching somebody so hard that they turned into a door. Then you found out that’s where ALL doors come from, and you got initiated into a murder mafia that makes doors. The stronger you punch, the better the door. So there are like super strong murderers who punch people into Venetian doors and shit.
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>Or other bullshit like that either way fuck you because you'll watch it anyway.
The adventures of the afternoon tea club of four young adult females in late 1800s-England.

A steampunk version of War of the Roses, several warring Royal families in England are trying to stake their claim to the throne using steam powered robots that exhibit different elemental properties.

Basically Game of Thrones with Pokemon.
It's like that film Cars crossed with Yuru Yuro
Lots of qt Hondas, Mazdas and Nissans and homosexual tensions
They are all idols....Except they are robots, however one of the robot becomes self aware and decides it doesn't want to be an idol anymore and open up its own Sushi restaurant. Will the business let Robot-chan realize her dream or will they rob her of free will?
Call of Cthulhu anime
Gothic Lolita Mahou Shoujo fighting steampunk mechs.
Easy, The evil let's make them Not-Czarest Russian empire have supper steam punk mechs and are trying to take over the world. Our hero from Not-Prussia must fight them back and turn the tide of the war with the rest of his army. Several battle,s a poorly planed romance, and a mid-season upgrade later. The Not-Prussians win.
Why make it complicated, any idiot can write a plot like this.
Guns and Stamps anime WHEN?

Will the main character say "Now after all your evil doings it is time to finally...SEAL YOU AWAY!!"
no, it's a series about Russian logistics.
the difference engine,the anime.

What if it's a surreal bleak anime about Russian factory weapon workers who stamp ID numbers onto guns?
Loli finds an advanced robot hidden in a cave after a collapse that has a new type of energy system that threatens the economic and commercial lifestyle of the current steampunk way of living. The prefecture government knows of this power source but keeps it a secret in order to control the masses. The Loki and her new robot friend must now expose the corruption within in the government so the world can advance past the steampunk phase of living.
Why not.

Anime about cute girls doing cute things. Stuff like tea parties, petty quarrels and boy crushes.
The twist is that MC is an android steered by miniature robots that are tasked with learning human culture. Everything MC does has commentary attached with commentary like "Engage blush" and "Set stutter to 2.5".
The overall plot is she's a new transfer girl because of her parents and she has to adapt to new environment, the first awkward results of being a robot are excused by this. Getting first friendships, fun stuff in free time and so on. The crew starts to modernize the internal workings over the course of the season, and in the last episode there's a subtle hint the girl may or may not be gaining sentience and autonomity.

"10/10, the twist to girls piloting robots, anime is saved" - review sites
"Not a trap, 0/10" - /a/
A JRPG-esque anime set in a steam/magitech world where everyone can use magic to some degree. MC is an 18 year old boy without any magical ability who dreams of being an official guard on an airship. Being a street rat in the second biggest port city for as long as he can remember, he has since learned to compensate for his lack of magic with quick thinking and his wits. On the day he was supposed to board an airship for his apprenticeship, his fate gets tangled with the infamous pirate group "The Black Locks" when he rescues a guy (who's actually a girl) from an ambush. The ambush messes up her group's operation though, and they quickly have to flee. MC gets dragged along by her, just in time to be saved from the port city's destruction. On their ship, he finds out that the Black Locks were chasing down a very powerful group that has been stealing important artifacts. He decides to tag along with them until they get to the next port city.

The crew is composed of:
>The reverse trap that MC rescued, an unnaturally skilled 19 year old swordswoman. She teaches MC how to fight on an airship.
>A 20 year old gunslinger. His father invented the gun, and he aims to improve on his father's invention.
>A 19 year old archer. She aims to amass a huge amount of money to buy the forest she grew up in from the empire.
>A 19 year old wizard. He was recruited just two weeks before MC tags along with the crew. He has great magical talent, and was warned by his mentors not to pursue wizardry lest he descend into sourcery. He has a crush on reverse trap.
>The 29 year old captain of the Black Locks. He is the current Sky Lord, but his title is not recognized by everyone.
>A 26 year old spearman who serves as the captain's right hand man.
>A 25 year old healer who is in a relationship with the spearman. She bears an uncanny resemblance to MC's dead little sister
>A 41 year old mechanic, he constructed, operates and maintains The Black Locks' ship
>Badass american soldier comes to japan
>"It has been years since I last faced him"
>Cut to him, muscular Kenshiro clone with a face of stone fighting against a japanese male of similar build and appearance
>Kenshiro clone defeats his opponent after a fierce fight
>Young boy who was watching Kenshiro clone begs him to teach him how to become strong, too. Kenshiro clone declines.
>Later the boy sees the american soldier fighting using cunning tactics and seeing that he's strong begs to be trained, to which the soldier agrees.
>Suddenly a big evil guy appears and challenges the soldier to a battle.
>The soldier is defeated and the boy loses faith in him.
>Kenshiro clone appears and defeats the big evil guy while he narrates the methods he is using
>"Looks like you still haven't got what it takes"
>Soldier reveals that he was holding back his best tricks because he intended to show them to Kenshiro clone first.
>The two duel to a double KO.
>Turns out the big evil guy was just the weakest of the Four Heavenly Kings.
>Turns out that the soldier and Kenshiro clone are actually friends and rivals. They agree to teach the boy in the climax of the beginning.
>The rest of the series is the self-identifiable kid following the two rivals through different kind of tournaments and underground fighting rings, learning to fight on his own along the way.
>The show is about cardgames.
It better be set in a steampunk setting
A young woman finds a device called the gods eye which study people like there machines to the point she can read their minds, as the show progresses the eye gets stronger till she eventually becomes omniscient and insane... Yeah I gave it some effort sue me
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>bleach but with shinigami replaced by vikings, hollows replaced by frost giants/people, the gotei 13 is now the gods from norse mythology, locations are changed to aasgard, jotunheim, niflheim and so on
>the series ends after the big fight vs the trickster god Aizen
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A shoujo anime set in Stalingrad during an alternate timeline WW2. A woman attempting to escape the city becomes caught up in the rivalry of two opposing officers and becomes an object of both of their affection in the process.
Mahou Shoujo Steam Punku

Most of the world is in a decaying state, and much of the advanced knowledge that mankind once held was lost for ever due to the World War.

What's left of Humanity lives in settlements revolving around the old, still functional Geo-Thermal generators, supported by Lost Technology. Luckily for them, these settlements which are supported by little robots which roam the city are able to maintain themselves for thousands of years.

The earth outside these settlements is brittle and dry, the seas are polluted, and the skies are grey and ashen.

MC is a little girl, living in the slums on the outskirts of the settlement. One day, she along with a number of other poverty stricken friends are outside the city scavenging for things to sell or use.

She then finds a strange rod lying on the ground. Thinking that it's just a toy, she happily picks it up, gives it a little spin, and then puts it in her cart along with the rest of the junk.

She returns to her village. She and her friends sit around in a circle, going through the junk to see if any one of them had managed to find anything valuable. The little girls talk about what they find, their hopes and dreams of living in the capital, along with what kind of left over stew they'll end up eating tonight.

Suddenly, around the village wolf shaped robots uncloak, and start attacking, setting the village on fire. One of them pounces into their circle and grabs one of her friends.

All of them scatter and start running in different directions, screaming and crying. Helpless in the face of these mechanical monstrosities.

Mahou Shoujo MC runs and is hiding in an alley way, shaking and scared for her life. She can hear screams all around, and the whole village has been set ablaze.

Suddenly she hears a robotic voice speak to her in some strange tongue. Frantically, she looks around to find no one else there. She hears it speak again, this time a little louder.
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Late Industrial Revolution era in America. The North is an extremely advanced steampunk civilization, whereas the the South and west more agricultural. MC is the son of an extremely wealthy and JEWISH steam-mecha factory owner, a member of the technocratic corporation based oligarchy. He ran away from home on a railroad because he prefers the more community based southern lifestyle. believes that capitalism is inherently oppressive and inevitably leads to a consumerist mass culture where people only find more happiness through artificial means, makes people afraid and distant of each other, and will eventually destroy humanity.

The north tries to expand their empire to the south, and MC tries to resist back in a Civil War. The native americans are also important because they have spirit powers or some shit and all their girls are mahou shoujo. MC also is extremely racist and thinks black people are better off remaining slaves (which is true, slaves had higher standards of living than average southern whites back then), then being absorbed into the jewish consumerist northern culture, as well as a self hating anti-semitic jew.

Nevermind, I'll finish this later, have to get ready for work.

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