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Does your girlfriend look like an anime character, /a/?

see subject
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>you're waifu
Chuunibyou season 2 is actually pretty good.
You don't need a GF when you have a waifu. and yes, she does look like an anime character.
Since this is a shit thread anyway

fuck off, idiot
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Fuck you
Enjoy your ban faggot
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Yeah i watch anime but i cant handle culture differences and anything made by japan masturbates my racist bias

I mean, why is it allowed to have girls exposing breasts or butts in anime? My american mind cant understand a program which has women who dont look like men or forced diversity with openly gay or transexual characters, why cant every MC in anime be black, its only realistic

Why cant anime pander to me? I hate anike and wish it was more like cartoons yet i continue to watch anime even though everything about it is japanese and that flairs my autism uncontrollably, so much so that i sperg myself into oblivion and must calm myself by reveling in western superiority in the glorious forum called reddit where we discuss masterpieces like adventure time which are true art unlike any anime which has those icky breasts or "fanservice" got forbid they try and please fans, how can fanservice please anyone besides sexists? Why cant anime be edgy with realism and have progressive strong female characters, anime needs to be as real as possible and cannot contain anything which might bring you joy, such as flat characters, moe, tropes, sexist nonsense, feminine characters, japanese people, white people, non transgendered people or anything which isnt following my personal agenda

I come to /a/ for the sole reason to complain about anime, i hardly even watch anime anymore because it isnt like my glorious american made comic books and cartoons
Lolicon = pedophile
Good job bumping this shit thread, faggot.

Pretty good bait.
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>K-On concert

Wait, what? Where can I see such thing?

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