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Why has no western company picked up HxH 2011 yet? Do long running anime generally sell badly?
Long running shonen is not made to sell.
The main audience is children, and those have very little money. They'd never be able to buy 40 or more BD volumes.
Children watch this show? I figured they'd be bored to hell considering how there isn't much action.

Anyway, the 13 episode box sets for Naruto Shippuden are only $30 bucks which isn't too bad.
>Why has no western company picked up HxH 2011 yet?
France isn't a western country anymore?
>Do long running anime generally sell badly?

it's a really long commitment where every volume boz set needs to sell at a certain range every time
It is shonen, you know.
Isn't France located in the eastern hemisphere?
>Those dicksucking lips
If you define western and eastern hemishperes using the greenwich meridian, then France is on both hemispheres.
If you use the economical, cultural or political point of view France is still western anyway.
Is that the box of the BD?
On the old Toonami this would have gained a decent fanbase. There's just no place for it now even though the internet should render TV spots obscure, we still need it for niche shows like this.
Because it supports open pedophilia
So a country like Brazil isn't considered western despite being part of America? That seems pretty odd.
Is this a good show?
If you're used to shonen that are usually considered good then this doesn't disappoint.
>So a country like Brazil isn't considered western despite being part of America?
That depends on your definition of western.
The tone of the anime fluctuates from arc to arc.
Arc1: Not serious
Arc2: Sort of serious
Arc3: Not serious
Arc4: Serious
Arc5: Slighty serious
Arc6: Child murder serious
The first arc may seem rather happy-go-lucky and put some people off but the anime hits its stride during the yorknew ark(Arc4) which is about 30++ episode in.
9/10 in my personal anime score. which means nothing lel

if you like shonen you should watch. if not, just try watch the first 5 episodes without stopping.
Shonen huh. I enjoyed DBZ back in the day, Bleach whenever stuff actually happened and Hajime no Ippo.

Problem with shonen for me is that they always seem to extend shit from happening to the absolute max. Take Bleach for example, at one point when you started an episode they already took 7 fucking minutes to get past the recap of last episode + OP.

Or that one time when they just told you 'Yeah, it's getting exciting now HUH!? Well, we'll take a break here and tell you a filler story about something insignificant that happened a while ago offscreen.'

That's why I usually prefer story with a focus and limited episodes such as Requiem of the Phantom or Rainbow, because they tend to use that time to tell a cohesive story
Something tells me you don't know what shonen means, but I might be wrong.
No, I do. Just pointing one of the pitfalls that many ongoing shonen series tend to have.
It's not a shonen problem though.
Running out of source material is the problem of an ongoing series catching up with the manga.
Fillers and wasting time per anime episode are just common ways to fight that. Neither of those are shonen-related though.

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