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How about an anime toy thread? No figures, just actually playable toys.
I had pic related pic related. Crush Gear has some god-tier designs.
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>be a kid
>had a crush gear fight with friend
>throwed crush gear on the ground, broke the sword
>crush gear doesn't spin like the anime
>crush gear moves randomly and doesn't follow my order
>scream shining sword breaker
>crush gear ran out of battery

Fuck that shit, I rather play Beyblade, at least it hits something.
At least you gotta admit they look goddamned cool.

Except Shooting Mirage.
Fuck Shooting Mirage.
My friend was the greatest Crush Gear Rider in the world
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>Be a kid with a brother who are gullible to anime toys
>Parents always bought my brother the MC's merchandise and bought me the sidekick's
Every single time. This happened with Yugioh cards, Mini 4WD, and Beyblade. The only difference happened in Crush Gear era. I got Garuda Eagle like OP and my brother got Dino Sparta.
Super yoyo masterrace
I had one of those fake Beyblades that have big metal blades.
I remember that shit. Couldn't believe it was from the same guy who did Yakitate!!
Mini 4wd was the most fun anime merchandise I had.

Super Yoyo and even Beyblade were okay.

Crush Gear, B-Daman, and Bakugan were kinda stupid.
File: deadsea_scrolls_museumbk.jpg (502.71 KB, 1600x1190)
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I heard these were quite good, though you might want to make sure to read the do-it-yourself section carefully before you try out any of the heavy stuff. Any good journey of a man to know himself starts with Scrolls. Just be careful of the choices you make so they don't come back to bite off your head later. Given that, you can make some really god-tier stuff with the Scrolls. You can share the fun with your partner, too. Or with the kids. Enjoy a game of Scrolls with the ones you love the most as it all comes tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down.
>be a kid
>some guys set up a giant 4wd racetrack downstairs
>bring car, have it run a couple of laps
>bring it home to tweak it with even more rollers
>get fed up with bringing it back and forth from home.
>take entire toolbox
>mfw suddenly every small child within a 10m radius crowd around me supposedly because i am a racing badass with an actual 4wd toolbox.
>break car because car hits 40km/h on an illegal motor, flies out of track.

And I never achieved anything noteworthy for the rest of my life.
I hope you wore gloves at the time.

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