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So I guess there is not going to be any more manga at least for now. Seeing as how it was some kind of promo. Any LN fag would like to spoil what has happened so far?
Didn't that shit end like a year ago? And you're just figuring out it's over?

I knew it ended. I'm just wondering what happened afterwards in the LN.
Holy cow thanks OP
What a find, I just started this after seeing the thread, looks super interesting so far.
Afterword of volume 3 says that Tokage won't be gaining any new power other than the ability to change his eye colours.

The LN should still be ongoing if I'm not wrong, but it's terribly slow; one volume every 6 months or so.

Is he still getting fucked over by that girl. has she gone bat shit on any other person?
Is the LN actually being translated? It doesn't seem to be on baka tsuki.
It had a couple translators interested outside of BT, but they all literally gave up before even a whole chapter, I believe.
Oh boy I can't wait to kill myself.
Because I'm sure that would be an easier way to solve my problem than learning the abortion of a language that japanese is.

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