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I hate to start a thread for the sake of a question, but the rest of the internet has failed to provide me with substantial information.

I'm interested in watching Yozakura Quartet, but I'm lost on what I should watch. Should I watch the original '08 adaption and then Hana no Uta? Should I skip the '08 version entirely? Is Hoshi no Umi required and should I watch it midway through Hana no Uta like some suggest? Help me out here /a/.

I'd delete my thread after answers but moot's a faggot.
Skip the 08 adaptation entirely. Not only does it have ANIME ORIGINAL PLOT DO NOT STEAL, it's a particularly horrible one at that.

Watch everything else Hoshi no Umi -> Hana no Uta -> Tsuki ni Naku
Thanks for responding anon. Anime original plot was all I needed to know. I'll roll with this then.
Original starts with the very first chapters of manga then goes it's own way. Hana no uta starts on later chapters. If you really want to start with anime do it in order: Hana no uta - hoshi no umi (in the middle of hana no uta) - tsuki ni naku.
Or you could just read the manga, because all the adaptations skip SHITLOAD of valuable content.
And to visualize you their tardiness I have to say they skip entire volume 7 and 10 which consists a lot of backstories.
You gonna need to watch Hoshi no Umi OVA between ep 8 and 9 of Hana no Uta.
You can watch original series, or not. It's not really good, but not utter garbage either, just kinda mediocre action show.
There are things to like in the first TV series, I'd watch it first.

It's not like you have anything better to do anyway.
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Why does Ao have so little merchandise?
Now this is what I needed. Fantastic. Thanks a ton.
Volume 10 is covered in the first episode of Tsuki ni Naku, and Volume 7 is supposed to be covered in (most likely) the next episode.
Ao is wonderful.

I want fucking lesbian doujins of this series so bad
I'd settle for the second OVA ep to be subbed for the time being.

I'd be surprised if there weren't a few doujins for this series, all the character designs are really appealing, and Ao's a qt3.14, actually, all the female characters are qt3.14s

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