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consider this.

if you liked dbz than you have zero reason to dislike gt.
and if you liked db more than dbz than you should have even less of a problem with gt. (unless you completely hate dbz to being with)

come at me bros
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Consider this:

What if I didn't like any of the DB franchise? What if I just left the show playing in the background because I was waiting for it to end so I could get my daily fix of sailor moon and the lesbians/cousins, after I got home from school?

What if I only endured DBZ on the weekends because I knew I would be rewarded with Card Captor Sakura afterwards?

Gohan was the only entertaining thing about DBZ, and it was ruined by the "Goku must always be in the spotlight" problem.
But i don't dislike GT. I liked the show and its opening was nice. Most of the hate comes when correlating the canonical discrepancies, which isn't needed to be done if you just watch it on its own.

also post more 63 Jeice.
then... no bait for you? still welcome to leave your opinion though

i basically agree.
but i'd add that whatever plot holes gt had pale in comparison to going from db to dbz
Are you literally stupid?

GT was a fucking monstrosity.

Goku completely stole the spotlight and always had to be the one to beat the bad guys, none of the characters save Uub ever did anything, the OST was absolute edgy guitar heavy shit, Super Saiyan 4 was a joke, the villains were terrible, inconsistencies with powerlevels, fights were terrible, the pacing was somehow even worse, more plot holes, the ending was unsatisfying, turning Goku back into a kid made absolutely no sense and was a cheap excuse to not only reset powerlevels, make a laughable attempt to recreate the charm of the original Dragon Ball, but also send everyone on a fucking space adventure to top it off that the man himself wasn't even involved in save for a few designs.
you didn't actually watch gt did you?
I didnt dislike GT at all. I actually thought it reminded me a bit of DB with the whole grand adventure and finding the dragon balls.

I do dislike that there was less kung-fu, but w/e. I guess people like lazers and shit.
Was busy eating, faggot.

I know what I saw, Super Baby Vegeta and SSJ4 was probably the highest point.

Dr. Myu, his minions, and searching for the Black Star dragged out way too long.

Super 17 is a perfect example of what I'm talking about with powerlevels, just because a perfect copy of 17 fuses with him automatically it becomes strong enough to solo more than 2 Super Saiyans and Majin Buu restored?

And why did Goku have to leave everyone behind at the end? Why couldn't Toei have just written an ending where the Dragon Balls had to leave the universe?
>goku stole the spotlight
that shit started with z, by popular demand
actually, uub was useless too. painfully useless. but side characters being useless started with z too
dan dan?
>super saiyan 4...joke
bet you liked super saiyan god right? 4 is less of a joke than 3, unless you are, in fact, literally stupid
>villains were terrible
baby, super 17, and dragons? they were grounded in canon so i'd have to say that eliminates them from being "terrible"
>inconsistencies with power levels
power levels were never consistent. that was the whole point
>fights were terrible
i'm starting to think you just have bad taste. or some bias
they had a lot less time to get shit done so i'd have to say you're wrong
>more plot holes
tradition since the start of z
>ending unsatisfying
lol, you didn't watch it. confirmed
>kid goku
agreed. but ss4 took the pain away. and they did not at all reset power levels. once again, you didn't watch
>toriyama not involved save for a few designs
save for a few designs. not to mention avocado special and kVk still had plenty of problems even though he was invovled
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dbz was horrendous
gt was built upon that

db was the only good show from the series ok
you can't be serious. you think goku should have survived? you're are the exact reason gohan and uub couldn't take the torch
>that shit started with Z by popular demand

Vegeta, Krillin, Gohan, Piccolo all held their own against Frieza, Gohan was supposed to become protector of the earth, Goten, Trunks, and Gohan were holding Buu back, Piccolo became strong enough to fight the Androids with Tien holding back Cell at the risk of his life and for the majority of Android Saga Goku was out of commission with everyone else doing their best to keep the situation under control.

They're not completely useless.
Consider this:

If you like food than you have zero reasons to dislike shit.

That's pretty much your reasoning.
File: XUMFT.jpg (180.16 KB, 750x1127)
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The only thing I loved about GT was the opening.


It was the very end of the series, the last arc and villain being based off the Dragon Balls was proof enough.

After everything everyone ever went through especially Goku himself why the fuck shouldn't everyone have been able to just live life like back at the end of Z when they celebrated finally stopping Buu?
i think anon was talking specifically about gt. but either way, if playing for time is all the "use" you can get out of a seasoned fighter than, i can't disagree.

this must be your first analogy
because the point was goku had already lived past his time. his story was done long ago.
This goes for >>102007544 as well.
The problem is that the characters were made far too powerful in Z. It made most of the battles an ball searching in GT feel out of character. The characters often forget that they can fly or blast walls down to try an fluff out something that could have been solved in a half an episode.
File: dbzFreezerGals.jpg (198.13 KB, 810x1080)
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GT was shit
File: 786753787.jpg (6.17 KB, 259x194)
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>Boring fights for the first half of the series
>Too short
>Pan didn't go Super Saiyan
>Trunks was a bitch
>Goku was a kid again most of the goddamn series
>No anime power level raep
>Bra did nothing
>Gotenks was a bitch too
>Bulma and them side face wrinkles
>Golden ape bullshit
>A dragon that smokes?
>Omega looked dumb
>Uub absorbed Buu
>Still got man handled
>Baby arc was basically Garlic Jr. and Cell mushed together in some shit where he gets away with some of it
>Some faygo robot that bitches ALLOT
>Pan is downright annoying the further in the series
>Only thing that kept my interest alive was SSJ4 Goku, the POTENTIAL that pan would go SSJ and Super 17
>Vegeta's mustache

I came bro

That doesn't mean I didn't faithfully watch it and like it, though. But it was some shit in retrospect. Like a B movie I'll watch because it still kept me entertained

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