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>It's a deconstruction...
all of /a/'s reaction whenever the creators of a show use this argument to justify cliched horseshit
>whenever the creators of a show use this argument
So never then?
Deconstructions dont have cliched horseshit by definition. Its literally the opposite of cliche

do you even have a brain? Fuck you I hate you
It IS a deconstruction. You don't think the creators meant to make harem shows look stupid and unrealistic? They knew damn well what they were doing
What I want to see is a reconstruction of a deconstruction.
File: SchoolDays.png (288.76 KB, 300x423)
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It IS a deconstruction. You don't think the creators set out to make harems look stupid and unrealistic? They knew what they were doing
>much madoka
File: 1391829381129.jpg (174.96 KB, 835x956)
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Even if this is a troll, all harems are stupid and unrealistic. Especially that one.
File: 1388951996368.gif (1.44 MB, 200x150)
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You'd just end up with a regular show.
Yes, but School Days was the first to carry an escapist otaku fantasy to it's logical conclusion!

An actual spinless highschool male would accept every invitation to sex that gets thrown his way, causing a shitstorm and responsibilities that he wouldn't live up to. That, and a cast of female character archetypes who never express enough volition to stop boning for no damn reason

Look at the color scheme! The environment surrounding the characters is made up of bright primaries. But the characters themselves consist of nothing but dark hues, black, brown, and blood red. THINK ABOUT IT!

you managed to make school days sound deep and meaningful, good job
File: errorerrorerror.gif (955.26 KB, 468x366)
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...clearly I hadn't thought this through very well.
I still didn't enjoy it. The girls were very unmemorable. Katsura is supposed to be yandere but I just got some sp00ky eyez then one murder, and even that was AFTER the MC's death.
Then there's the childhood friend who, hell, I don't even remember what she looks like.
I think one of the bitches got pregnant or something too, the one with the bow, right?
And sure, Makoto was alpha or whatever, but you can still feel it in the end that he got what he deserved, because he did. It was justice.
What I'm saying is, School Days was just crap.
It tried to be different but it was no better than EH, NANDATTE?
Of course, I've only watched the anime. You can tell me to play the VN like Misakafags do with the LN when their waifu gets insulted but ain't no one gonna do that.
File: 2504254-izwb8volltllb.jpg (15.51 KB, 452x427)
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It goes further than that! The original School Days VN was made by 0verflow. Their previous games were also harem romances, and most included endings where the MC impregnates nearly every female character. At once.

For a while, only hardcore 0verflow fans would notice that most of the main characters of School Days were the children of single mothers. And they might also notice their family names matching up with female characters of previous 0verflow games.

Eventually, 0verflow released a family chart, revealing that the cast of School Days were mostly the offspring of their previous harem titles, and were unknowingly committing mass incest.

In one part of the School Days anime, Sekai denies that Setsuna could have a relationship with her boyfriend, because they were best friends. "We're like two halves of the same whole", she says in tears.

The line is an inside joke among the developers and fans. They're half-sisters, you see.
I hear you OP. Pretentious faggots that want their show for children to sound somehow important.

Supposedly these shows make use of an audiences expectations and subvert them, which isn't what a deconstruction is. And then there are the people that think that a deconstruction is a show making a statement about something that usually happens in other shows. When in reality it's just another show with just as circumstantial plot as any cliche is.

But if these shows have to stand on the backs of shit in order to be good. If they are only good if somebody has watched SHIT shows, (after all why deconstruct elements that are good instead of enhancing, strengthening and making them better and more vivid), then they only have value alongside the mediocre. They will otherwise never stand out because their purpose is to trap people who merely want to watch more of the same.

However, I am merely saying that anybody praises a show on the grounds of it being a "deconstruction" is a moron. Not that anything that people claim to be "deconstructions" don't have good qualities that these morons overlook.
File: egoraptor chinning.jpg (43.73 KB, 262x261)
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>Source: My Experience
alright I'll watch it
The modern definition of yandere has been diluted to describe LULZ KNIFEY SERIAL KILLER CURAZEY BITCH

It used to be much more subtler that that. It described a girl who was sweet and caring, mostly of as a way of coping with a cruel world that had battered her into submission. Surrounded by high demands entrenched with low self-esteem, she tries to be selfless and put on a kind face. Hoping that the universe would eventually treat her right. But, that pressure builds up. And eventually, some boy comes into her life giving a vague hint that maybe, MAYBE, she can be taken away from her cruel surroundings, taken somewhere far away where she can be loved and sheltered and appreciated. Like seeing a source of water in a long desert trek, even if it's not real the mind wants to believe that salvation is there.

And that internalized desperation might, maybe, on occasion, cause her kind facade to crack. That's when you truly know how much that wonderful girl has been suffering.

And thus, moe is achieved
Have you actually played the School Days VN? Summer Days?
Overflow's previous games were harem romances, and School Days is just one of it. The 'realistic' ending is just one of the many endings.

Even if the School Days anime turned out to be a deconstruction, it's not intentional. Overflow just thinks that their success is due to having lotsa gore.
It quite literally means 'a girl that's sickening' the term was way more broad before.
I don't think Derrida meant any of those things when he wrote De la grammatologie.
I still don't quite get what deconstruction actually means, but at least I know what its not.
File: 600full-steve-buscemi.jpg (17.71 KB, 324x432)
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This was a popular French literary term that meant nothing. Literary criticism was big in the 80s (it started in the 60s) and only focused on creative vocabulary. The movement caught on internationally, but was finally exposed for the shallow bullshit that it was by 2 French guys who wrote a scientific paper that received praise from the movement. After they received their award and literary praise, they confessed that the paper was gibberish and a trap set up especially to expose the movement. /a/ is like 2 decades behind, like many hipsters today.
>2 french guys proved a whole concept wrong because they trolled some old men

holy shit how stupid can you be
Deconstruction is a worthless concept that means virtually nothing. It's practically synonymous with pretentiousness.
Go ahead and read Of Grammatology.
It doesn't make a point, it's full of shit that doesn't mean anything at all.
File: 95[1].jpg (69.07 KB, 1280x720)
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God I hate this bitch, no surprise a large portion of /a/ loves her.Fucking /a/.
Same as the definition of tsundere, I suppose.
Isn't that what a reconstruction is?

I don't agree Madoka's a deconstruction, but insofar as it deconstructs being a magical girl the ending is a reconstruction.
I wonder what levels of faggotry the first person who started using that shit term here has.

Deconstruction has an exact meaning, it means applying realistic consequences to common cliches.

Just because the term is incredibly misused on /a/ does not mean it has suddenly lost meaning.
File: 1346370412612.jpg (163.92 KB, 728x1107)
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163.92 KB JPG
>it means applying realistic consequences to common cliches.
I don't have the energy to correct you, so I'm just gonna call you retarded and leave it at that.
File: Donquixote.jpg (104.86 KB, 507x601)
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104.86 KB JPG
Most "deconstructions" are just standard plots with well written characters. The word is used much more often than it should be, and is rage-inducing for a reason.
File: jydlF.png (640.50 KB, 1168x1080)
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>Deconstruction has an exact meaning, it means applying realistic consequences to common cliches.
I need to throw pizza into that smug face. NEED!

>Overflow just thinks that their success is due to having lotsa gore.
...are they wrong?

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