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It's nearly 1:00 AM, and I am bored, so lets have a thread.
>Bitter sweet anime endings
>To keep it spoiler free, lets say we can not pick an anime that has come out in the last 4 years
Why 4? why the fuck not?
Pic related.
File: 1335778734186.jpg (33.51 KB, 1174x880)
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Muh Light
inb4 faggot
Please don't greentext unnecessarily.
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all my tears
Samurai Champloo ending wasn't bittersweet.
Lackluster if anything.
Never mind the ending
what the fuck was wrong with episode 20?
Guilty Crown
Was that the mushroom one or baseball one?
Not bittersweet, just plain shit, we all know it should have ended with either Light victory, or at least die after a really well thought trap, not that shit trap he fell for like an idiot
mushroom one
Boku to Ore no Kanojo ga Kawaii Desu ne?
File: gto1.jpg (14.62 KB, 300x225)
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I don't know how I wanted it to end, I guess I really didn't want it to end, but I really felt upset.
>I would love to see him teaching gangbangers in Compton though. Would be funny as hell
File: madoka end.png (271.99 KB, 538x326)
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271.99 KB PNG
Literally just finished this. MY heart was not ready. I went into the show expecting cute girls doing cute things. I got sadness instead.
Yeah, that one was... interesting. I just say they were high as shit the whole time. Seems to explain it
Light's death was basically the five stages of death/grief.

Denial: All that denial he does the moment he gets caught.

Anger: Getting pissed off at Matsuda for shooting him

Bargaining: Telling Matsuda to shoot the others, telling Mikami to kill them somehow, telling Ryuk to kill them in the Manga

Sadness: Crying like a bitch while running away, losing his shit when he finds out Ryuk wrote his name down instead in the manga

Acceptance: Possibly none because Light died like a bitch without any dignity.
File: Kamille1.jpg (65.86 KB, 720x480)
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65.86 KB JPG
As much as people make fun of Kamille, he didn't deserve retard in a wheelchair end.
File: 1231283712093817203.jpg (97.99 KB, 565x307)
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>To keep it spoiler free
>Caring about spoilers and spoiler warnings

To be serious, here's my example: Clannad
File: 1388296802076.jpg (20.29 KB, 704x400)
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20.29 KB JPG
A depressing but fitting end.
File: 1213776926020.png (663.91 KB, 2000x1128)
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663.91 KB PNG
Immediately came to mind. So did this.
File: 171150.jpg (301.81 KB, 1600x1200)
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301.81 KB JPG
Can we add "ending completely fucked by ineptness?" That might be too easy though.

They attempted to rush to an anime original ending in 2 episodes and failed utterly and miserably. 0 closure or sense whatsoever.
No sympathy.

Light completely fucked up by intending to kill people just because they weren't contributing enough to society.

Karma was on it's way to put down a rabid beast.

Also Light got arrogant again when he could have dove behind the car next to him to kill everyone so there's also being a fucking idiot.

The ending of the Post-War Arc in Hajime no Ippo is a bittersweet ending.

Samurai Champloo's ending was just that an ending to a journey. From the beginning Mugen, Jin and Fuu had their own separate goals, so regardless of the shit they went through they would eventually split up.
File: Spoiler Image (188.41 KB, 697x1100)
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>The ending of the Post-War Arc in Hajime no Ippo is a bittersweet ending.

fuck. don't remind me.
File: Spoiler Image (163.81 KB, 706x1100)
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163.81 KB PNG
it never got enough support for another season so they quickly ended it.
File: Usagi_Drop_Cover.png (67.40 KB, 225x325)
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he comes a doctor...

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