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File: valvrave-0301[1].png (241.38 KB, 654x343)
241.38 KB
241.38 KB PNG
How would you have written this romance, /a/?
Harlem style
Gangnam Style
It ends with rape.
thunder saves akira and becomes the first vampire marriage
Shoko dies in Ep1 and Haruto spends the first couple of episodes torn up about it.
File: 1378084934301.jpg (96.43 KB, 1280x720)
96.43 KB
96.43 KB JPG
Either leave the romance out of a mecha anime, or leave the mecha out of a romance anime.
Can't choose either? Kill Shoko, have Saki's and Haruto's firstborn be stolen by some adaptation of a valravn, season 2 to follow.
Shoko discovers the rape.
Destroy all bakemono, all of them except Akira.
Haruto is no longer a little bitch.

Problem solved.
Shoko dies in episode one. Has there ever been a shittier main heroine than Shoko?
File: Spoiler Image (131.77 KB, 700x902)
131.77 KB
131.77 KB JPG
Shoko dies in ep 1, Haruto finds new love with L-elf.
I don't want Shoko dead, her suffering makes my dick hard.
shouko dies like she's supposed to in episode one. saki and haruto then have a healthy, normal relationship filled with consensual rape.
They find Shoko's corpse in the car. Jewbro gets NTR'd by AinaxHaruto. Aina dies, SakixHaruto. The end.
Saki a shit.

She's batty.
Remove Haruto. Shoko x Saki is now OTP with Akira later making it OT3.
File: 1372472750103.jpg (8.23 KB, 200x197)
8.23 KB
8.23 KB JPG

I would have cut it out completely.
>there are people who think haruto/saki is any better than haruto/shoko

They're both shit.

You mean better. And no, there has not.
Get rid of Shoko.
Reported for posting scat outside of /d/.
Well, for starters I would have actually written it.
This. They clearly had no intention of doing anything with it, so maybe this way forced tomodachis would be less forced.
I don't watch Valvrave but I got a thing for short haired chicks. This one >>101995879 is cuter. The other one is generic himecut slut.
They're both sluts.
Is anyone ever going to give me a reason for hating shoko?
File: 1369431464773.jpg (38.73 KB, 337x378)
38.73 KB
38.73 KB JPG
>3 months later
>Shoko haters still mad
I'd take out the dumb betrayal at the end of the series.

Maybe tease at Saki and X-eins, since they spend so much fucking time together.

Also, I would pair up Akira and Thunder
The betrayal seemed like something the staff thought sounded good on paper, but didn't think though when it came to implementing it. It wasn't developed well (or at all) and they left out all of Shoko's internal struggle over it, which was kind of required for it to invoke any feeling other than confusion and rage.
File: fuuuck.jpg (212.90 KB, 500x500)
212.90 KB
212.90 KB JPG
>3 months
>not even 2

There was no "romance" to speak of.
It was complete shit
When did L-elf give Shoko the shoko?
Is shoko a reinforced bullet made to kill space-vampires?
Why would he want to kill his wife?
No she is a nigger
Because she is a backstabbing cunt who tried to sell him to jelly-alines.
because she is a nigger
I wouldn't have change almost anything because L-Elf x Shoko got confirmed.
File: 1386959622565.jpg (469.29 KB, 485x3000)
469.29 KB
469.29 KB JPG
confirmed by niggers
File: 138859735403.gif (194.12 KB, 400x225)
194.12 KB
194.12 KB GIF
> kill Shoko
U mad? Why do Sakifags always the ones so hostile?
Because they are niggers
Making Akira pregnant by Mikhail
More like pregnant by niggers
File: Golden_13_2.jpg (91.76 KB, 1280x720)
91.76 KB
91.76 KB JPG
Haruto loses all his memories but survives

He falls in love with Saki instead, and Shoko becomes depresed

Ghost Haruto comes back and tries to get him to fall for Shoko again
File: 1371178151559 (2).png (53.65 KB, 175x167)
53.65 KB
53.65 KB PNG
>Saki and X-eins
File: 38782070_big_p0.jpg (79.23 KB, 480x470)
79.23 KB
79.23 KB JPG
>wanting Akira to be impregnated by anyone other than Shoko

Why do I keep getting their names mixed up

What if Shoko jacks him and then does the deed?
Rukino was better and actually a character
Not really.
Now I want to see Shoko jack L-Elf and impregnate herself. So much doujin potential and all it gets is homo.
Because you're a retarded piece of shit.
And actually a nigger
What if Shoko jacks a nigger
And you are a retarded nigger
Kill one of them early and do not let the character return and let L-11 die at the end..
Shoko x L-Elf forever
L-Elf died off-screen.
File: 1388614836665.jpg (169.74 KB, 768x1024)
169.74 KB
169.74 KB JPG
[citation needed]
Why did they let their son die?
Remove Shoko.
Remove traitors.
Remove rushed ending.
Haruto x eternal conflict where the goal of peace was long forgotten OTP.
>Kill one of them early and do not let the character return
As long as it's Haruto.

>and let L-11 die at the end.
And the empire is formed and sustained how?
Haruto would still be dead. The only way to keep him alive would be to get rid of his monster complex. And if you get rid of that you may as well just replace his entire character because he has nothing else going for him.
There is no need for an empire (how is the empire supposed to work anyway?)
A reformed JIOR would be enough.
File: 1372994159205.jpg (102.01 KB, 1280x720)
102.01 KB
102.01 KB JPG
>because he has nothing else going for him
Shoko dies, Haruto dies.
What else did he have? That bike riding hobby we never actually saw? He was a shit character who brought everyone else down with his constant whining and angst.
File: let's coupling.jpg (72.66 KB, 1280x720)
72.66 KB
72.66 KB JPG

Lots and lots of coupling.
File: i win, tokishima haruto.jpg (768.91 KB, 1300x1740)
768.91 KB
768.91 KB JPG
That is kind of the point.
Instead of being dead dead, just twist him and his ideals to hell and back via memory loss till he really is bakemono.
Thinking he fights for his friends who are mostly long gone, wrecking the lives of people that were the same as him when he started out, fighting wars whose causes don't even matter anymore.

Way more suffering potential that way, at least in my opinion.
Shoko dies for real in episode one.
Saki wins da haruto.
File: 2283.png (1.41 MB, 1280x720)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
Saki wins, How else.

They shared more of a romantic moment than he did with Shoko.
>mc is afraid of vaginas
>goes for homosexual undertones instead

Bet it would print money.
File: 40793989_big_p7.jpg (153.50 KB, 800x400)
153.50 KB
153.50 KB JPG
Remove the love triangle bullshit. Saki can stay, but her being a forced love interest was utterly pointless and ruined both her and Haruto's characters.
Use that time to actually develop Haruto/Shoko's relationship since we were apparently supposed to care about it. Some (non-shitty) flashbacks would help too.
Have one or both of them actually go through with that confession they kept talking about, even if it's only over the radio as Haruto is dying and losing memories.
File: 1365864964152.jpg (103.26 KB, 1280x720)
103.26 KB
103.26 KB JPG
>since we were apparently supposed to care about it

We were supposed to care about the forced tomodachi stuff.
Everything else was secondary.
File: 41526871.jpg (297.85 KB, 800x549)
297.85 KB
297.85 KB JPG
But which homodachi should we cheer on?
I'd have added 4 filler eps where he keeps fucking her to feed his rune addiction while she's feeding on enemy soldiers to top up her own runes behind his back.
Eventually it's not such a big deal and he occasionally fucks her for fun but then finds out that she's been killing people, defends herself by saying that she doesn't want to rot away like he was.
He refuses to feed from her and only eats L-elf, since he can't be feeding on people.

Maybe one ep focused on him almost hate raping some female students while waiting for his fix or some students walking on on them fucking in a classroom/ toilet/ music room/ etc
>L-11 die at the end

Technically he did. He was human and most likely died of old age.
>only eats L-elf, since he can't be feeding on people

Wouldn't it kill or at least severely damage L-Elf?

Audrey, of course.
>Remove the love triangle bullshit. Saki can stay, but her being a forced love interest was utterly pointless and ruined both her and Haruto's characters.

I would have preferred if Saki was never dragged as a love interest since she never stood a chance and because the triangle wasn't even touched during S2 despite the fact that S1 spent a good amount of screentime on it.
I liked episode 6 Saki because she was selfish and kind of a bitch (it made her more lovable and realistic to me), but when she went full MUH HARUTO, it kind of made her boring. Sure she was loyal, but her character ended up revolving around him and only him, which made her rather boring.
File: 1390413301658.jpg (688.25 KB, 960x1077)
688.25 KB
688.25 KB JPG
But Audrey is a girl.
It's what he went with anyway, this way it just seems a lot more natural than "I'm only going to erase the memories of the guy in charge of our battle plan because he's kind of a dick".
L-Elf would not last in this scenario.
Probably not, I stopped watching near the end so I have no idea if he kept feeding soley on elf.
> inferior life form surviving for 200 years
>but her character ended up revolving around him and only him, which made her rather boring.
Seeing what she did for Akira, A-Drei and the rest of her group, I would say she was far from being only MUH HARUTO during S2.
Probably Yamada was more MUH NOBU.
Haruto decided in episode 17 that he won't let his Valvrave feed from anyone's runes except his own.
It doomed him.
Two girls compete over Haruto. Haruto has his attacks more frequently and rapes both. Saki is understanding and overcomes it, whereas Shoko slowly goes insane and finally joins the bad guys and becomes the Queen of the Cow Empire. In the end L-elf wins (purely platonic love). Haruto dies at some point due to Rune overflow, however, the leaders of the opposing space blocks (Saki and Shoko) still continue to fight. Shoko wants to eradicate all space vampirism (even though she's a vampire herself) cause she views them as rapist monsters who feed on humans, Saki on the other hand seeks co-existence.
And so the Legend of Galactic Heroines continues...
File: 1344076051830.jpg (51.70 KB, 640x480)
51.70 KB
51.70 KB JPG
Worst Queen Ever
File: 030.jpg (575.48 KB, 1091x1600)
575.48 KB
575.48 KB JPG
Midnight Stranger

枢(とぼそ) やな
Toboso Yana
File: 031b.jpg (537.07 KB, 1090x1600)
537.07 KB
537.07 KB JPG
Not again.

Tokishima Haruto
You look mature but you still toss and turn while sleeping.
I would have killed Haruto and Shoko in Ep 1 and let L-Elf be the MC, with Saki as the love interest.
File: 032.jpg (522.46 KB, 1090x1600)
522.46 KB
522.46 KB JPG
I doubt he's aware of it.

I'm feeling thirsty
I should get a glass of water
>Toboso Yana
The real thing or just a coincidence?
Is it worth watching S2?
I finished S1 a few days back and I wasn't impressed at all. It wasn't even enough of a trainwreck to be fun.
File: 033.jpg (425.72 KB, 1090x1600)
425.72 KB
425.72 KB JPG
Swap texts with >>102010087

The thermostat is set to twenty-eight degrees.
However, Tokishima Haruto is near to the air conditioning located in the ceiling. Factoring the room temperature, humidity and wind speed, his body temperature would probably less than twenty-degrees.
With JIOR in autumn,
the conclusion I'm led to is...

You alright?
You have a cold, Haruto?

Taking care of his own health is part of a duty of a soldier.

Is he even aware of his position as this country's sole protector?
Make Shoko discover the Haruto/Saki rape, the thing she gets shocked when she found that Haruko killed his father and make a love triangle drama less forced and more believable than what we got, with a split and equal focus between that and the mecha politics.
If Haruto wasn't planned to be dead at the end, might as well make Shoko begging to forgive for what happened to her and Haruto. There, everything gets solved.
File: 034.jpg (548.27 KB, 1090x1600)
548.27 KB
548.27 KB JPG

It's rare
to see him without any blanket.

He really should cover himself.

Don't bother.
S2 wasn't better than S1 and the ending was underwhelming.
File: 035.jpg (477.53 KB, 1088x1600)
477.53 KB
477.53 KB JPG

What is this?

An attack in the middle of the night, Tokishima Haruto?
Hell no.
S1 looks like a masterpiece compared to S2.
File: 036.jpg (373.89 KB, 1089x1600)
373.89 KB
373.89 KB JPG
I just thought that you shouldn't be catching colds.

My body temperature is much different that you who is near the air conditioning.
It was somewhat warm so I just made some little changes.

That hurts
なんだよ 暑いなら空調いじれば
What's with that? If it's hot for you, then adjusting the air---

Then that means...

he did all that so that I won't feel cold,

Tokishima Haruto.
File: 037.jpg (369.87 KB, 1086x1600)
369.87 KB
369.87 KB JPG
If you intend to sleep there,
Err, umm, I-I'm sorry!
W-Well, good night!

Using me as a shield to bullets...

Trying to point a gun at me...

He's one weird guy.

The next day
Tokishima Haruto,
why did you turn off the air conditioning?
I thought that we could share the heat...
This anime is the worst anime I have ever seen.
And in japan,it is called vuvuvu
You still here? I told you several times, seek medical help.
She interacted with others when the situation forced it (on a mission with Akira, trapped in a cell with only Audrey to talk to), but when it came to what she wanted, her feelings, goals, thoughts, and aspirations; it was all Haruto all the time. Even her final thoughts in the show was her rejoicing at his deteriorating mental state because it meant she'd have a chance at winning his dick.

You obviously haven't seen much then. Sure, it's bad, but there are moments where it almost becomes good. It's not consistently bad all the way through.
Don't reply to a troll.
File: 1386083178352.png (53.17 KB, 300x300)
53.17 KB
53.17 KB PNG
There will never be a sequel with Mini-Elf and his crew of fellow kamitsuki travelling on the ship Tokishima-77 searching for new species while fighting the royal guard of the now united ARUS and Dorssia who commit atrocities on spherenoids and crusades against type 7 life forms;_; Mini-Elf is the spoiled and arrogant prince whos life will change after the mysterious sunglasses-wearer Cinco De Mayo joins his group.
This so much
Shoko and Saki both die in a fiery death.

Haruto fucks student council prez in front of Satomi.
It was worth watching outside of the unexplored romance, but the many plotholes and ending ruined it a lot.
File: 1387045272434.gif (1.03 MB, 400x225)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB GIF
You, son of a bitch, that is too mean.
File: 978-4-04-866380-9.jpg (46.04 KB, 200x282)
46.04 KB
46.04 KB JPG
Novel Volume 3 cover.
>it was all Haruto all the time

Episode 13 was the only MUH HARUTO episode in S2.
Haruto killed. He's too shit to be a MC or have girls lust over his boring beta self.
Shoko and Saki competing over L-Elf
Shoko doesn't get ruined by the bad writting. She wins the LElf and A-Drey and Saki are left to have hot comfort sex together.
>Shoko and Saki competing over L-Elf

Hell, no. One alien was enough to make him useless for days.

I think her crushing on the MC was an attempt at increasing her popularity amongst waifufag, but it was shit and damaged the character a bit.
File: 1384447124392.jpg (99.53 KB, 1920x1080)
99.53 KB
99.53 KB JPG
>She wins the LElf

Fuck off.
Shoko x L-Elf is not even a good crack pairing.
It's the canon OTP. Of course it doesn't make a good crack pairing.
Lieselotte pls.

You're a granny parasitic green blob who have killed many children, you don't deserve the Lelf.
File: 1379084757020.jpg (219.03 KB, 644x756)
219.03 KB
219.03 KB JPG
Not bad.
I am surprised they did not force L-Elf on the cover.
>you don't deserve the Lelf.

Nobody deserves him, not even Cain and Jeffrey were that evil to deserve such torture.

Well, he was in the other two alone with Haruto, I think it is fair.
Normal relationship

Start noticing each other
Start hanging out in groups
Start hanging out alone
Just spend a lot of time together
Then progress sexually not forced but naturally

Then I don't know whether or not I wanted a happy ending I would make them break up and it would be a story about how to accept failed relationships
It's her. She even did the front/back cover.
>he was in the other two alone with Haruto
Volume 1 was Haruto/Shoko
Volume 2 was Haruto/L-elf
Volume 3 was Haruto/pilots
These are the novel's volume covers.
So she still has time to draw doujinshi?
File: 41577852.jpg (442.58 KB, 405x600)
442.58 KB
442.58 KB JPG
Drilltits would love it.
I wouldn't have even bothered trying, as more than half of the characters are totally unlikeable and the remaining one is just too good to be a love interest
What's that?
Random doujinshi shared by a chink.
You can ship Haruto with every single JIOR character
Thanks for sharing. The scans are very nice, will you be uploading the whole anthology?
Shoko would have died in episode 1, and her body never retrieved.

Instant AotY.
>this is what Harutofags believe
Shoko dies in episode 1 AND STAYS DEAD.
The end.
If Shoko died in episode 1 the threads would have been filled with people complaining the show would have been better if she lived. In fact, the first week of threads was just that.
My nigga.
Shoko dies.
Everyone thinks Saki won
Still kill haruto at end, leave saki forever alone
The superior alternatives to Shoko were not properly introduced in the first episode.
File: 1382027847666.jpg (213.95 KB, 1920x1080)
213.95 KB
213.95 KB JPG
It's not hard to make her wet.
This wouldn't have happened if Saki hadn't butted in. What a home-wrecker.
File: 1366339490038.gif (1.97 MB, 505x284)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB GIF
Don't blame her. She gave them enough chances.
>no L-elf
It's not like I wanted to buy it.
I just found those raws.

Make a contract with me, Tokishima Haruto.

A-As if I can do that!
Do you think I can easily trust you, a member of the Dorssia Forces!
そーだー そーだー
Yeah, what he said!

This will be our contract!

Huh? What's with that?
What's with the festive mood?
What's with you guys?
  Not you too, Shoko!
Does this mean you'll be the doing the other TL's?
File: 086.jpg (487.03 KB, 1097x1600)
487.03 KB
487.03 KB JPG
If nobody's doing them and I have time to spare, why not.

- - - - - - -


What's with you, A-drei?
Don't get so worked up just because L-elf didn't show up.

What a fun place you are in now, L-elf!

A-drei's Trial Enrollment
Neko Kurage
File: 087.jpg (475.60 KB, 1089x1600)
475.60 KB
475.60 KB JPG
And so,

We've come to do some undercover operation, L-elf!

It can't really be called as "undercover operation" when you're actually doing a direct approach.
Who are they, L-elf? Friends of yours?
My former comrades.

Oh, L-elf. Looks like you've made some friends here.

Has the look on his face that says "Even though you already have someone like me..."
>Shoko discovers the rape.
That wasn't rape.
File: 088.jpg (502.01 KB, 1090x1600)
502.01 KB
502.01 KB JPG
Don't cry, A-drei.
There, there.
I'm not crying!
Don't mind it, my prick!
I'm a prince, not a prick!
[ おじさま = old man, 王子様(おうじさま) = prince ]
Well, you can make a friend or two when you're attending school.
Just let it go.

you say?

Just what is this "school" thing! If I were to be in this "school", does that mean I can be friends with L-elf?
Tell me, X-eins!


He has been raised at the Karlstein Agency so he has no idea about what a common school is.
D-Don't make fun of me!
I would have only one girl to begin with. Probably some mixture between Shoko and Saki. Haruto is a guy who can barely handle one girl let alone two.
File: 089.jpg (446.34 KB, 1092x1600)
446.34 KB
446.34 KB JPG
Well, how about we show you around the school!
Enjoy your youth!
[ Literally, "Let's Seishun/Youth" ]

I don't want your pity!

This is interesting.
If you get to know this school,
maybe you'll realize what I'm feeling right now.

If you insist, L-elf.
You just want to get rid of him, didn't you.
File: 090.jpg (397.86 KB, 1091x1600)
397.86 KB
397.86 KB JPG
First, we have

Nanami-sensei, the famous health and physical education teacher of Sakimori Academy.
Currently giving supplementary lessons


Physical Education

Wait, what year are you? Are you here for the supplementary lessons?
Yes! Give me a thorough lessons about LOVE even if it takes us the night.
Please take good care of me
I don't need that!
File: 091.jpg (460.31 KB, 1092x1600)
460.31 KB
460.31 KB JPG
Next one's cooking lessons!
We're quite confident about what we make!


What's with that poisonous concoction! It's looks like it will call forth a hellspawn! Are you trying to kill me!

But even L-elf said this was good when he tasted it.

File: 092.jpg (412.62 KB, 1093x1600)
412.62 KB
412.62 KB JPG
......Since this is a very vital reference, can you tell me the recipe for it?

Oh no, you don't!
You can learn everything else but not this!

But why not!
This here is a well-known product that we're selling! So, it's an enterprise secret!
It's not a big deal if I learn it!
It is if we were to lose our profits!
Are you stealing away my friendship?
No means no!

You bastard!
You really have no intentions of handing L-elf over to me, do you!
Aren't we talking about the youkan here?
File: 093.jpg (421.50 KB, 1090x1600)
421.50 KB
421.50 KB JPG
An enemy raid!
Who are you!
Hold on, A-drei-kun.
That's just Yamada-kun.

The name's Thunder!
Oh, right. He is called by his nickname, "Thunder".

It's how close people refer to him.
If you're really close to others, you'll aslo be treated as such.

Really close...

You're too loud.
File: 094.jpg (412.03 KB, 1094x1600)
412.03 KB
412.03 KB JPG
You want me to call you
with a nickname, right?

I've already foreseen your request.
Infiltrating Sakimori Academy, interacting with the students,
you making a scene causing you to meet Yamada Raizou.
And now their influence on you.

The conclusion I'm lead to is

■アードライのあだ名候 (List of Nicknames for A-drei)
・アーたん (A-tan)
・スーパーアードッルァアイ (Super A-drei)
・ドラちゃん (Dora-chan)
・ドライもん (Dreimon)
・厨二少年 (Chuuni Boy)
・激アドぷんぷん丸 (GekiAdo-punpunmaru)
[Literally, this emoticon ٩(๑`^´๑)۶ ]
your nickname should be "Dora-chan".
File: 095.jpg (392.12 KB, 1085x1600)
392.12 KB
392.12 KB JPG

It's "Dora-chan".


You're amazing as always, L-elf.
You're fine with it?
There are more written, right? Let me have a look.
No. This will be framed and to be displayed.
What's with that? Sound icky!

Stop that! You really should move on from L-elf!
Shut up!
I see.

you still have one last thing that you have to realize about learning in school.
What is that?

Graduation Ceremony.

Come here again if you have finally been able to move forward (without me).
Hey, L-elf!

What did he mean by that?
A graduation ceremony?
File: 096.jpg (444.11 KB, 1094x1600)
444.11 KB
444.11 KB JPG
Forgot the image
File: 097.jpg (399.88 KB, 1090x1600)
399.88 KB
399.88 KB JPG
"If you allow me to graduate, then I will allow you to be my right hand"
or something like that?

So, that's what he meant!
Oh, he believed it.

In Episode 12

where are you going?

To a graduation ceremony.

I'll gladly go with you!
You seem to be in high spirits.
And there, A-drei was flashing a nice smile.
Thanks for the translation!
I want to cum all over L-elf's ahoge.
Make Shouko a guy.

Make L-Elf a girl and make the romance between Haruto and L-Elf.
File: 1379389988562.png (648.48 KB, 1473x1069)
648.48 KB
648.48 KB PNG
>Saki gets pregnant from the rape
>Haruto doesn't lie, comes clean to Shoko and earns acceptance
>Gets Shoko pregnant too
>uncomfortable later when both girls start to show and they realize he's the father of both
Thanks, man.

Will audio commentary anon rip the rest of the episodes? I definitely want to watch waifu wars on the moon with comments.
IIRC, I think he mentioned that he was going to stop buying the BD's after the second volume.
Well, shit.

I guess I will have to go with Zero-Raws, then.
File: Death to the demon 3.jpg (160.51 KB, 960x720)
160.51 KB
160.51 KB JPG

Shoko wasn't even bad.
The problem were the main characters.
Sorry to bother you about this, but could you look over the translations for chapter 15? There's a few bubbles missing and some things that sound rather awkward.

I'm only asking because it's feeling weird while editing this and having a lot of second-hand guesses at what's being said. Chapter 4's okay, btw.
Haruto gets with Eruerufu
Saki gets with Shoko
I want to cum inside Kriem.
File: marie_knows_whats_up.jpg (149.52 KB, 329x606)
149.52 KB
149.52 KB JPG
I like it
Only good idea in this shitty thread
Nope, I won't. I stopped buying the BDs, the second season is not worth of all that money. Sorry.

i think that is mostly a lack of S2's time spent on characters. We got more plot (since they started to get competent), but the short timeframe and number of characters they needed to work through made it impossible to correctly juggle it all with what time they had available.

That whole rape mode really got dropped in S2. Sure it's handwaved by him being locked up and feeding on elf, but there was certainly some dynamic they could have played with for the love triangle, have Saki do it more for the fact that she's getting attention from him than letting it slide.

It would have been nice to take the whole thing to fruition whilst he was like that, almost going after drills (and drills for some reason seemingly wanting to fuck). Over all the whole things rushed to shit. Interesting character set to play with, balls dropped and time too short.

All I ever wanted after that was body swapping shenanigans, with someone actually fucking or ruining relationships or information. So much potential, all wasted.
Check the drama CD.
File: shrug2.jpg (38.05 KB, 416x385)
38.05 KB
38.05 KB JPG

I wouldn't.

Valvrave should be what Buddy Complex is struggling to be, a show about how Haruto's and Eruerufu's friendship evolving.
Even buddy complex is doing a better job at that.
I'm gonna rewatch it.
File: panic.jpg (20.17 KB, 171x245)
20.17 KB
20.17 KB JPG
Don't do this.

VVV was more about kids coming of age in their new war life. Countless fumbles along the way, over reliance on the help of professionals etc. I think the greater plan had it been longer would to have show cased the change from bumbling fools to the core leaders actually being competent at their assigned roles without l-elf or haruto hax.
>this pic
I'm laughing so hard it feels like endless ejaculation.
I had a hearty laugh out of that too.
The whole rape subplot was massively retarded.

Typical Chinese cartoons inserting average highschoolers, giant robots, vampire, and rape fantasies into everything.
File: 1391776340785.jpg (151.01 KB, 511x640)
151.01 KB
151.01 KB JPG
Why not?
What about clean OP 2 and ED 3?
I saw OP2 somewhere on weibo.
For ED3 you will have to wait rips, since I can't rip my copy now.
File: Valvrave love.jpg (447.71 KB, 1000x999)
447.71 KB
447.71 KB JPG
You might regret it.
File: 1391776433252.jpg (249.54 KB, 640x640)
249.54 KB
249.54 KB JPG
Why is she so prefect?
I still have not watched the final episode. Can't bring myself to do it.
Thanks anyways anon.
Go watch it, you fuck.
File: 1388074403207.jpg (254.06 KB, 1920x1080)
254.06 KB
254.06 KB JPG
Please watch it, anon.
Just delete it and come up with your own ending.
File: 41604156.jpg (167.22 KB, 770x513)
167.22 KB
167.22 KB JPG
Sometimes I wonder why fanarts are so out of character.
Don't know if I can. I spoiled myself on the day it came out and all desire to watch it faded away.
File: 41577852.jpg (419.93 KB, 450x667)
419.93 KB
419.93 KB JPG
I don't care anon, I watched the stream and I still watched it subbed. Go watch it.
Because it's fanart.
They don't have to care for weak canon.
I watched the stream and rewatched the episode subbed two times because I couldn't believe that was ending.
Skip that episode, anon. At most wait for the drama CD or Saki manga.
>dat title
File: homodachi.jpg (578.98 KB, 1920x2160)
578.98 KB
578.98 KB JPG
>Skip that episode, anon.
Episode is half worth it because of Akira and homodachi. Besides if you followed the series from the start, you gotta have so closure, even if it sucks.

It was probably the shittiest moment of the season.
And I hope the writer was on drugs when he said
>I hope you will enjoy watching the distance between these two shrink and expand, and at the very end… just wait and see.
>and at the very end

is nothing. Nothing at all.

They should have remained partners.
Their "friendship" was just forced.
The only good part of the episode was the last 30 seconds.
File: 1391711209765.jpg (55.13 KB, 517x523)
55.13 KB
55.13 KB JPG
File: Die Shoko, die.jpg (68.70 KB, 1280x720)
68.70 KB
68.70 KB JPG
No, I do not believe in human beings.
>Haruto finds out he has child support after raping Saki, mans the fuck up and grows an afro
>Shoko dies
>Nobody else dies
>Happy End
Haha, no
File: bakemonos, please go.jpg (17.75 KB, 136x295)
17.75 KB
17.75 KB JPG

every time.

How to use a Valvrave kit.
>those heels
Other than that, that was made from the VVV kit? Wow.
A VVV kit and a Byarlant Custom.
Out of curioustity was the story really planned like this was Haruto supposed to die? Did they change the script or anything? It feels like they wanted to do more with this and would if they could.

I would watch a L-Elf spin off with his sidekick.

I'd say whatever they changed was probably related to the future stuff. Haruto dying was kind of obvious, or at least his ending up comatose.
File: 01_sample.png (192.52 KB, 660x490)
192.52 KB
192.52 KB PNG
VVV Anthology chapter 4 scanlation.
File: Shoko.jpg (206.13 KB, 530x530)
206.13 KB
206.13 KB JPG
Thanks anon.
File: 152.jpg (453.41 KB, 1093x1600)
453.41 KB
453.41 KB JPG
Looks like the translation isn't broken up to match the lines/bubbles/panels on the page.

- - - - - - -

For me, all the events happening in the world
can easily be predicted by making deductions.

there is someone whose actions whom I can't read.
what are you doing?
who is baffling and hard to deal with.

Flower Company
Nakamura Naoko
File: 153.jpg (449.16 KB, 1089x1600)
449.16 KB
449.16 KB JPG
As you can see,
I am watering the flowers.

There are flowers here withering...
Wouldn't it be hard to water all of the flower gardens right now?
Or rather, doing it all by yourself?

That's why I'm only doing this part.

I would like to help!
File: 154.jpg (503.60 KB, 1096x1600)
503.60 KB
503.60 KB JPG
Since I'll be helping out,
is it okay if I plant flowers in the empty ones?

what is this about?

I got this from the flower shop at town.

Are you going to plant all of this?
Generic haremshit style and Shoko wins since she is the first girl who meets him
File: 155.jpg (382.05 KB, 1091x1600)
382.05 KB
382.05 KB JPG
But, planting flowers at the time like this is a bit...
You know what's amazing about flowers?
Just by blooming they have the ability to heal hearts.
Isn't this the time for that?

You are really easy going about this.
Shoko is that kind of person.
Guess so.

How much are you selling them for?
I'm not selling them!
File: 156.jpg (574.69 KB, 1093x1600)
574.69 KB
574.69 KB JPG
What an idiotic story

We are at war right now.
Who would cooperate for something like this?
File: 157.jpg (419.80 KB, 1091x1600)
419.80 KB
419.80 KB JPG
With this much plants and flowers, it feels as if your heart will be relaxed and fulfilled.

Yeah that's true but...
I rather want have my desires fulfilled.

Senpai, don't you know that
Flowers are incredibly honest. They respond to just being touched

You want to grow up nicely, right?

Good work! Thanks for the help!
File: 158.jpg (547.04 KB, 1097x1600)
547.04 KB
547.04 KB JPG
You don't need to thank us.
I don't mind doing this kind of work.
Me too!

Same here.
It's been a while since I had this kind of fun.

Glad to hear that!
File: 159.jpg (558.12 KB, 1092x1600)
558.12 KB
558.12 KB JPG
It's finally over.

That was a lot of work.
It would've been impossible to do it if only a single person were to do it.

At the start,
it may have been just Kibukawa-sensei and me.
But eventually everyone else joined and helped.
And the result is wonderful!
File: 160.jpg (568.83 KB, 1094x1600)
568.83 KB
568.83 KB JPG
With this,
it will raise everyone's mood even if just a little.

The daughter of Jior's Prime Minister...
I see it now.

Are you
someone who was born with that talent?
Thanks for your hard work, anon!
File: 161.jpg (429.36 KB, 1091x1600)
429.36 KB
429.36 KB JPG
You have the power to move people.
At the very least, I acknowledge that.

No, no!
I'm not like that!

Not one bit, really!
Was that too hard for you to understand?
Even if you make something like that,
it would only take one attack to turn everything into ash in a moment.

You really are a baffling girl.
Thanks so much! I'll start getting to work on it soon enough!
File: 07.png (434.10 KB, 1022x1500)
434.10 KB
434.10 KB PNG
>Burning trash
What are you doing, you crazy bitch??? YOU'RE IN SPACE!
Jewbro ;_;
File: wie bitte.jpg (121.63 KB, 1280x720)
121.63 KB
121.63 KB JPG
What space? I don't see it.
Aina would win. Generic haremshit style is the childhood friend losing.
File: space.jpg (92.10 KB, 1280x720)
92.10 KB
92.10 KB JPG
This space! (sorry for low quality)
File: 1370536662615.jpg (70.95 KB, 1920x1080)
70.95 KB
70.95 KB JPG
>Jewbro loses again
File: kamitsuki.jpg (140.98 KB, 1280x720)
140.98 KB
140.98 KB JPG
>tfw Aina was the one who gave Haruto an inspiring name and quietly comforted and encouraged him

She would have been the best for him all along.
File: 1366736102438.png (287.58 KB, 618x620)
287.58 KB
287.58 KB PNG
That is way beyond "low quality".
File: 1369327515997.jpg (143.59 KB, 1920x1080)
143.59 KB
143.59 KB JPG
Haruto agrees.
File: 1387592509123.jpg (2.02 MB, 3945x2500)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB JPG
Clearly, you haven't seen many haremshit to see how this should be going.
- Aina would be a Shinobu [Love Hina], the fragile younger girl whom the MC always gets tangeld with easily misunderstandable situation via accident (like MC slipping and ends up on top of her with his hands on her breasts)
- Saki would be an Ami [Toradora], the popular girl who feels more at home and just be her true self when around the MC
- Marie would be a Primula [Shuffle], the kuudere who supports the poster girl in her own way but has problems of her own that she doesn't want to share due to fear of being a bit too imposing and burdening her friends
- Shoko would be that character that is good on her own right but has been forgotten to be developed through the course of the story due to MC spending more time with the other candidates that her winning the series will appear like an asspull.
File: sadness.jpg (70.74 KB, 1280x720)
70.74 KB
70.74 KB JPG
File: 1369326715227.gif (430.26 KB, 240x135)
430.26 KB
430.26 KB GIF
What about Takahi?
File: 07_sample.png (258.79 KB, 1000x500)
258.79 KB
258.79 KB PNG
VVV Anthology chapter 15 scanlation.

>2 serious chapters back-to-back
Too much ash.
Takahi would be that strict student council member always chastising MC because she happens to only see him doing wrong things, not to mention her rich upbringing is what makes her irritated about him. Later, she will find out that MC isn't that bad at all.
Thank you again anon! You're in rare form today!
>Aina won't even let you bite her as a consequence for the game
You still have your shekels, Jewbro, right?
File: 07_sample.png (137.61 KB, 960x420)
137.61 KB
137.61 KB PNG
VVV Anthology chapter 8 scanlatiion.
I want to cum on A-drei's braid.
I want to braid Eruerufu's ahoge.
Thank you anon!
Slutki a slut.
Shitko a shit.
L-Elf best girl.
Will we have threads when the drama cd is out?
Will we have threads if there are more spin offs?
Are you even interested in that sort of thing?
Will you stop making or replying to threads?
>Will we have threads when the drama cd is out?
>Will we have threads if there are more spin offs?
>Are you even interested in that sort of thing?
>Will you stop making or replying to threads?
To threads in general? No.
>Will we have threads when the drama cd is out?
Probably, as long as it's ripped.
>Will we have threads if there are more spin offs?
There will be nothing else after Saki manga ends, don't worry.
>Are you even interested in that sort of thing?
Not really.
>Will you stop making or replying to threads?
Unfortunately I am stuck here forever.
I can't believe this thread lasted as long as it did.
It will if you keep bumping it every time it goes to page 10 because no one else cares to max it. It can last for days like this.
It was my first time ;_;
File: let's homo.jpg (53.48 KB, 480x540)
53.48 KB
53.48 KB JPG
>Buddy Complex thread up and no Valvrave thread when I find new VVV pictures
>Valvrave thread up and no Buddy Complex thread when I find new BC pictures

Goddamn it
Saki as main love interest, Shoko as Full Frontal

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