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Reason for Award
With a film, everything hangs on the first shot. This third in the se- ries begins with an exciting shot where you sense “something” is coming, where the “everyday land- scape” is in fact fraught with danger. The directing is permeated with the question of how far this “normality” in the everyday land- scape can be portrayed. Nothing is more challenging than this “nor- mality”, which becomes more pronounced with animation and tests the caliber of the creators. To ex- press this sense of unease where “foreign objects” from another di- mension are intermingling with the ordinary, it is necessary to express the “theatre of everyday life” utterly “normally”. Without this level of di- recting, the film would not have been as outstanding as it is. See- ing the credits convinced me of this. Such a star team is the reason why the series can constantly make new breakthroughs. And to be able to have such an entourage, you need to have a hit and get funding. I could feel the earnestness of these creators. (MORIMOTO Koji)

TL;DR Eva is an artistic masterpiece and 4Deep9U
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Yes I totally agree, so what as Anno trying to convey to the viewers with the horrendous CGI straight from 1998? Nostalgia perhaps?
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>Uchouten Kazoku awarded for excellence

Damn straight

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