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Eugeo was the MC all along.
Everything before was just the world's story of creation.

>Normal village kid, out in the middle of no-where, with aspirations to become a swordsman, and to save his childhood friend, who was taken away years ago.
>Happens to own a Divine Sword, from ancient myth.
>Encounters a being sent from another world.
>The stranger befriends him, and teaches him how to use the sword,
>Because of this new friend, he becomes able to pursue the dreams he once had
>Encounters many obstacles, and overcomes them with the help of his friend.
>Breaks the curse inflicted on him and the people of his world, thanks to his friend.
>Turns out, he's actually stronger than him, but he hasn't "unlocked his full potential".
>Oh, by the way, his partner was also his child-hood friend, but memory blocks and shit.

Of course, there's him "being tempted by the dark-side," but that's not uncommon either for the MC.
PS. SAO Thread
Too bad he's dead next volume.
>Implying the MC can die.

That quote is clearly Cardinal dying, as she's the only know who knows about the world collapsing.
So what you're saying is that Kirito's going to die with a smile on his face while saying a cool line. Unlimited STAY COOL Works.
Of course,
And then Eugeo will become the Dual Wielding hero, after obtaining the edgy Night-Sky Sword, that bathes in the warmth of all light.
So if Kirito dies, what happens to Asuna and the rest of Kirito's harem?
Who cares? Kirito isn't the MC anymore. Maybe he just wakes up in real life, or something.
I mean, the original 4 just woke up when they died, right?
Brain damage.
Eh, well, didn't they say something about him waking up soon anyways?
Though, Kawahara might just have neither die.
I'm sorry, is there any info for the translation?
Volume 14 comes out in like 2 months.
Other than that, Tap's caught up.

>Probably doesn't know how to find his blog
So if he manages to survive then will Gabriel eat him?
Honestly, I don't mind Kirito as a protagonist. I just dislike his relationship with Asuna and how the author keeps forcing all these girls on him despite the fact.
How does he force the girls on him? He pretty much stopped after the second arc. (Unless you've only seen the anime...?)
Did you even read vol 13?
Thanks, just downloaded vol.13
Well, there's Ronye and Alice.

I want Whip-senpai to come back.
I still consider putting Alice in that category as speculation. Between the two, the most that's happened so far is Kirito wanting to tease her.
Ronye as well.

That's until we reach web-novel frodo, and I hope Kawahara's changed all that shit..
>not putting Alice in his harem
Alice has earned a place of honor on the giant harem bed RIGHT NEXT TO HIM. Kawahara is basically putting her up as approximately an equal to Asuna as far as harem rankings go. I think the story's gonna change, but I don't think she's gonna avoid being in his harem at all.
>implying Kawahara can be nice enough to Eugeo to grant him his good end
>I just dislike his relationship with Asuna
Wow you're such fag.
It's the purest and most beautiful thing of SAO.
I can dream, can't I?

>Recon is the only male character, who has lusted after a girl in Kirito's harem, who doesn't die or get arrested.
>Instead he's friendzoned as hard as possible.

File: Aaaa.png (68.72 KB, 342x246)
68.72 KB
68.72 KB PNG
>the only male character, who has lusted after a girl in Kirito's harem, who doesn't die or get arrested
Aaaa dies tho...
Unless that was your point.
File: WAIT WHAT NO.jpg (217.74 KB, 869x1233)
217.74 KB
217.74 KB JPG


Fug. ;_;

I didn't know! ;_;
So yeah, every male who likes any of the girls is doomed to suffer. (Except hopefully Eugeo,)

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