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This is when Saito realizes that Elf pussy was good.
He hit that too?

Can't say I blame him.
I doubt since he is soulless puppet for Louise.
Does he get to hit anything on the novels?
Fuck no.
Lame. I like how they completely ignored any secondary characters from the first season to build up characters for the second. Fuck Tabitha's interesting past and Kirche's...tits. Let's learn about a soldier's generic past and some dude who...in the end, doesn't do anything remotely important.
Well, that's just fucking sad. I was hoping Saito to be a total pimp on the novels (given he will never be one in the anime).
There's only close calls, if they decided on one, people would stop reading(even though it's obvious he'll end up with Louis). Though, since he's back in his own world now, he might have nobody and go back to that dating website.
I've gotten to the 5th novel.

The only close calls I can think of are when siesta takes off her shirt and gets ready to fuck saito (which I think was in the anime too), and another time when siesta was wearing a japanese school girl uniform and thought saito was going to fuck her.

Best part about the novels though is when saito got kicked out and gathered all the tsukaima's and built a tent and got drunk with them. The treasure hunting was pretty cool where they slayed ogres and shit

Oh and Saito gets to see louise's pussy a lot because she doesn't wear underwear for some reason

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