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File: 1374049294456.png (139.20 KB, 263x464)
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Is Holy Diver confirmed to be the ED yet?

I want it to be Rush-2112, but Holy Diver is just as good.
Holy Diver will be the ED of Yuru Yuri Season 3.
File: polnerape face.jpg (38.97 KB, 564x341)
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File: img000003.png (13.47 KB, 871x1400)
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no they fucking aren't, you dirty liar
>reading hotpants and dio vs funny valentine while listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHywdqH3F6Y

>d4c desu
>lesbian face sitting
>sociopath mangaka
>bubblebeam david bowie
>punch ghosts
>ghost room
>room turtle
>pedophilia (from /ss/ to the president of the united states trying to fuck a 15 year old)
>tons of rape
>4 balls!!!!LMAO 4balls!!!!

why is jojo so good?
>wanting to fuck a 15-year-old
Just, no.
when you are in your late 30's/early 40's it is.
File: read a book nigger.jpg (65.46 KB, 566x480)
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No one can actually be this stupid.
I feel like the only person who liked Roundabout
>character is literally named Vanilla Ice
I wonder how he would feel. Angry? Honored?
he would think it is cool
>still no funny valentine figure
Does japan hate him or something?
it can't be a cultural thing, im a fucking br and i love the guy.
Well USA didn't drop two nukes on you so that might have something to do with it.
if valentine was the president then hitler wouldn't be pissed off at jews since it would be a dead religion thanks to the fact that jesus is proven real

unless it is giorno's body
yes they do, look at how shitty he is on asb
Well it wouldn't really prove christianity either since the Jesus of SBR really differs from christian canon. At most the jews would recognize him as a prophet/saint.
At least he's not as shitty as Rohan
which is weird because everyone loves rohan, he's a loveable asshole
at least he has a figurine (it is really good)
Yeah I need to pick that up. I know ASB is inbalanced as fuck but why are half the characters useless? Why the fuck is pucci so goddamn op?

File: jotaronoooo.jpg (322.30 KB, 550x761)
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IIRC the last ED didn't get revealed until like a week and a half before the first episode aired, so we might be waiting a while...

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