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Can you please post any info about having a waifu, how to get a waifu, what life is like with one, and any infographics about waifus? Basically waifu generally thread for someone who wants to understand it more. Thanks
This thread is more autistic than having a waifu saying that as somebody who has one
>how to get a waifu
it just doesnt work like that
Do some introspection and keep watching anime, she'll find you, one day.
You must search high and low, feel desperate, the need of understanding and connection towards a character.

You will look high and low, mildly liking a character but never being ''in love'' like so many people with actual waifu.
Then, out of nowhere, it will hit you, like a train.
She will raise up from your subconscious and you will be dumbfounded that you've never realized that she was the one.
That she was always at the back of your mind, but you never took notice.

At that moment, you know you have a waifu and she will be eternally incarcerated into your very soul and being.
Until that happens, you do not have a waifu nor have you experienced true love.
For many, this is how a waifu finds you. It is an experience like no other.
It either hits you at a certain moment while you are watching her or in a much later time, when she remains inside your head but you do not think of her that much until it manifest itself upon you.

Each person has their own self, their own hypocrisy, their own personality. Each containing a void, hidden within their own self. Jung would call it the shadow, Freud would call it the unconscious and the Buddhist call that Arayashiki. Either way, it remains in all of us and we search to improve ourselves based of that unknown void.
Those personal qualities, and also lack thereof, are reflected upon your ''true waifu'' rather than the characters you obsess over.
You obsess upon character but you need to find your waifu fill the void.
Once you do, it all becomes clear.
People with waifu see a part of themselves inside of her but they also see a part which exceeds who they are and what they can accomplish within themselves in relation to their waifu.
By trying to match her, you seek to improve yourself and it becomes pure love.
By finding a waifu, you set yourself a goal, a motivation, a love, and a resolution.

You'll find her, eventually. Hopefully.
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Well, having a "waifu" started out as a joke in reference to a certain character from Azumanga Daioh. People would jokingly ask "Who is your waifu, /a/?", and people would post their favorite anime girls.

Over a long period of time, this morphed into something people took very seriously. The more autistic part of /a/ who are actually in love with anime characters co-opted the term and it became what it is today. People pretending (or actually being) in love with anime characters, pretending to cook for them and stuff like that. Now people will deny that having a waifu was ever a joke, or they will say that only a few thought it was a joke and that most people always took it seriously. Regardless, it is what it is now.

For a similar phenomenon that started out as a joke and turned into something people think is some kind of rule, see "3DPD"
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7/10, you forgot wafuism and you.
Is your pic related?
but I take my waifu seriously and know 3DPD is a joke.
This video should answer all your questions
too late >>101991135
called it
Just pick the character that gets your goat the best.
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You forgot about 'Healthy' in relation to Tamaki from To Heart 2. Which has now been warped into referring to chubby/MILF girls.
Not trying to dispute what you said but if that girl is considered healthy, I don't know what normal is.
I enjoyed that too much.

Originally, the 'healthy' meme back in early /a/ stated around 2005-2006 and was in relation to her breast size. "God, look at all that health."

Over the years, it got warped to tie into everything from other girls with big boobs to girls with large hips to girls with large thighs to girls with large proportions to girls with 'chubby' proportions...etc. A typical exaggerated meme on 4chan that few people even remember the source of.
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Why not just favorite characters

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