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Alright faggots listen up.
L was gay.

Not with Light though, at least not in my opinion.
How did I arrive at this conclusion?

Assume for a moment that L, Near and Melo were raised at Wammy's House together. As this trifecta are all male I presume this is a boys home so all of these troubled children have been raised by males and spend all their time with males. Their bound to experiment, it's human nature and boys get horny I know this because science and being a guy. Based on the oh so gay foot rub scene-you all know it and refuse to believe that L is gay after this-and the fact the L is clearly orally fixated-implying he sucks dicks-I also presume he is a full fledged homosexual. Now on to Near. Far as I can tell Near has no emotions as he showed no reaction to the news of L's death AND he is not orally fixated, instead he plays with his toys. On the other hand who displayed the reaction to the news? If you haven't figured this out for yourself then you're watching the wrong series. Melo. That's right an orally fixated-choclat #GayMovies-flamboyant dresser who was obviously L's psychotic dominatrix of a lover who ventures of on his own to catch Kira partly for his own selfish reason of obtaining the note but also because he wanted to kill the man that killed his man. Based on my theoretical attraction of L's to Melo-don't deny it now-I also conclude that the gay footrub scene was premeditated because L actually was attracted to Light because he reminded him of Melo.

Please review my case.
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>I am gay
>I know this because science and I am gay

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