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I have been watching Hyouka, I would like to ask what are your thoughts about the conversation at the end of episode 18. I'm a bit confused about the exact meaning of what Oreki said to Chitanda when she asked him why did he want to look up that helicoper case, i'm not sure if it's the sub or really the way he worded it all... What is your interpretation?
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To make it clear, its actually a rewatch.
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The point of the story was that you cant just make blanket statements about people if you dont know all the facts. Oreki thought it was "insensitive" to say that his teacher just liked helicopters when there could be a more complicated story or a sadder story behind it.

Chitanda goes on to mention about how Oreki usually just helps his friends out when they have problems and she never sees him do something that he really wants to do. She was really happy to help Oreki with something that he was interested in.

The only thing that can be interpreted would be what she wanted to say at the end but it was probably something involving how the idea of being sensitive to things you dont know everything about runs parallel to something she is conflicted about right now in her life. (Id have to watch the show again to be more specific)
off topic but
is oreki x chitanda canon?
I interpreted it as he saying that the teacher could be insensitive if his statement at that moment about liking helicopters was his true reason to look at it, this while knowing about the news in the mountain. And then Chitanda tought it was very beautiful that Oreki was curious about that,
People say that the romantic atmosphere was introduced by KyoAni and wasnt in the novels, but I didnt read them so I cant confirm if its true.

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