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;_; Tama-chan
Btw, I don't know if it's different in girl's kendo (I doubt it is) but going from a standard grip into a one-handed strike on a opponent that you're TWICE as fucking big as is fucking direspectful.
if this had been an anime about boys losing
this show would be in the shitter
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Yeah seriously. How could they do this to her.
Lies and Silence
Uso to chinmoku
Sword and Path
Ken to michi
Kendo and The Person It Brings About
Kendou to sore ga motarasumono

No its not. Theres nothing "disrespectful" about using different kamae or waza at all when you're on the floor. The only people who I've ever seen saying they thought it was kinda disrespectful were horrible. weaboos who got beat out after a month in bogu.
She lost the game.

This. Its just like bitching about lefties in fencing, just stfu and deal with it, if you lost its because you suck.

I never liked being matched against people smaller than me. I never wanted any of my matches to have any doubt that I won because I had a little more reach or because I used my my size to my advantage.

Am I the only one that worries about that shit?
You should lighten up.
I'm glad Tama lost. She learned a very important lesson that everyone decent at kendo learns. This less on is, no matter how good you are, even if you are the best, you will lose.

Look at the last World Kendo Championships. Japan was beaten in the semis by the Americans.

How to beat joudan no kamae:
Hold a high kamae pointing your semme at the left kote, instead of making pressure towards the throat.
Sorta agree, but I dislike how it was all set up in the animu. Tama was going to win her last match but her fucking coach forfeited the match against her wishes. And now she pretty much loses square to the front against someone that could be considered her rival.

The lesson that could have rubbed off on her is that no matter how good you are, it doesn't matter if you LOSE.

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