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I've been waiting for a gantz thread for almost 2 days now and apparently no one cares about the show here.

Its just..I'm halfway through the manga now and I've never had so many questions, I'm scared to move on to be honest.. Will this ride be worth it?

Will the mc fall for every girl that he meets and consequentially dies?

What the fuck do vampires have to do with anything? and where do the enemies that are 'sent off' go to?

Why is Izumi such an enigma and who did he revive the first time he won?

Will this all coalesce into an actual cohesive plot? Or, at the end will the writer pull a >huehuehue it was all in your head dream simulater 2000jpz

>inb4 anyone mentions the show and its ending.
>>inb4 anyone mentions the show and its ending
That's almost like you're asking for it anon. Get out of here.
It becomes meh at the end.

Author trying to shove his philosophy down your throat.

Vampires are retartedly unsless.

Just because he fucking got out doesn't mean he revived anyone
you can stop at the osaka arc. it was never good to begin with, just a guilty pleasure. but it really turns to shit later on
Seriously? I've been lurking for a few years I don't deserve this treatment.

I'm interested in this manga and was wondering if anyone else wanted to talk about it. here. on /a/.

Tell me what I'm doing wrong?
You're going to get spoiled for talking about something you haven't finished yet.
Thank you. That's what I was scared of, but now I'll enjoy it more because my hopes aren't as high
Damnit, really? So what you're saying is that this story fall apart?

You're right but I'm reckless
>I've been waiting for a gantz thread for almost 2 days now and apparently no one cares about the show here.

Why would you sit around and hope someone else makes a thread about a show/manga that has already finished?
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I finished it, enjoyed it too

the last 30 or so chapters are literal garbage and after a while it takes the naruto route in adding tons of shit for the sake of longevity.
still worth reading till the end i'd wager, and if there's some characters you like it's worth seeing how they panned out.

i pretty much read it for sakurai, his master and nishi.

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