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Hypothetically how many billions of dicks do I have to suck to get a 'as many episodes it requires' Brotherhood style adaptation of FF IX animated by Bones?
You simply do not have access to the right dicks.
And there are more right dicks than wrong dicks in this situation.
Its a quantity of dicks that's mathematically impossible. not even spiral power can help you op.

So you want them to set up a huge multi-season adaptation with amazing story arcs and character development, even better than the source material. Then suddenly stop and never finish it? Just like they do with nearly all their other shows?

The only reason they finished Fullmetal Alchemist is because it became one of the most popular shows of all time. Any other show they work on, even moderately successful shows like Angelic Layer or Darker Than Black, they just drop like an ugly baby and run to a new concept.

I kind of want to see that (not the sucking part) but I have a feeling that if it was ever to happen it would ruin everything forever.
They did well with Brotherhood since fma was extremely close to ending and there was no way for them to make any retarded original content for it or make a terrible sequel to it.
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Someone needs to make a Suikoden anime before making another low budget Final Fantasy spin-off series or making another fucking Tales adaptation for EVERY Tales game ever made.

I mean...Suikoden was a game series that took direct inspiration from anime. It should go full circle.

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