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At least remember to put Muvluv into the subject line so it is easier to search for.
>you will never be endlessly raped by BETA while they take care of all your hygienic and dietary needs
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Why don't they just nuke the sun.
File: 1380044416522.jpg (293.68 KB, 800x982)
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Captain best girl.

Died a hero.
File: JUST FOREVAA.png (639.20 KB, 1000x450)
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Too bad she had to die because that cunt Sumika literally became autistic during the mission. All the blood of the people who died at Yokohama base afterwards is on Sumika's hands as well.
Well anon, in war mistakes happen.

To err is human, to forgive is divine.
Did she even acknowledge or reflect on the costs of her failure and all the suffering it caused? The main heroines could have probably survived the main hive too if the Susano'o wasn't damaged as a result of Sumika's bullshit.
She doesn't deserve forgiveness.
File: 1380164588533.png (839.73 KB, 1109x1566)
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I know this is mostly beito but remember she's a rape victim girl in the body of a war machine which was tremendously overpowered.

It was natural that she was going to make mistakes, and mistakes made by war-machines usually kill people.
>flips out because she sees a spit-second image of meiya getting the D
>ruins the entire operation
>doesn't even apologize and just goes back to "muh takeru" when she recovers.
Sumika a shit. I can't believe alternative actually made me like class rep more than her.
I guess we've got different definitions of forgiveness then, anon-kun.

Sumika isn't my favourite either, but I can understand her a bit.
Wasn't there some song collaboration project that was going on between /a/ and /m/? What the hell happened to it?
File: ohio.png (401.95 KB, 1019x595)
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401.95 KB PNG
No idea anon.

I'm guessing the project is dead. Oh well.
File: 1287067369791.jpg (73.33 KB, 500x353)
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This kills the heart.
Someone I know recently picked up Muv Luv and told me this
"It's pretty funny. I really like the easygoing pace of this Vn"
asked him where he's at, he said, he's not far from beginning mabrab.

To be honest I can't wait till he gets to the PTSD arc just to hear his reaction. He's a semi-casual
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It is what it is.
File: topogan smirk.jpg (31.48 KB, 289x244)
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How tautological.
Reminder your series' flagship girl is an irredeemable slut and she ruined the trilogy.
Reminder you ignored multiple hours of explaining how none of that matters
>multiple hours of explaining how none of that matters
Being selfish is not a valid reason.
I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. What does selfishness have to do with anything?
File: Sumika cosplayer.jpg (58.13 KB, 500x493)
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Dirty, selfish slut.
Not that guy but....
Ever wonder why Takeru loops?

It's because Sumika's desire to be with Takeru is causing him to relive the same shit over and over. The G elements around Yokohama amplify her desire so it actually happens. Though he can be with all the other heroines like in Unlimited, the looping only ends when Takeru sticks the wrench into her socket.

That's a bastardized version of the summary, but I bet someone else will give you more info.
File: 1391746429781.png (273.32 KB, 600x583)
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273.32 KB PNG
I still think it's Mostly Yuuko's fault. Her Extra-verse self was all about dabbling in multiple dimensions and shit like that, so it makes sense Alt-Yuuko would actually do experiments like that using Sumika as an anchor. I mean, it's impossible for them to not notice that a huge amount of G-Elements just vanishes one day.
File: 1344197974968.jpg (266.55 KB, 1061x1500)
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266.55 KB JPG
There weren't G elements in Yokohama, as far as I remember. The reason Takeru looped is because Sumika's wish was projected into the gap in spacetime. As for the theory, it's kinda unlikely that Yuuko can change the rules of the universe (setting the loop), otherwise she'd fix the BETA problem without 00 unit.
File: Uh3.png (636.05 KB, 985x563)
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636.05 KB PNG
It's not that she can do quantum magic and fix everything, but that she was fucking around with quantum shit. I mean that was her entire career in Alt-verse. It makes sense that she's go somewhere terribly fucked by quantum bombs and start doing science.

I mean, if both Yuuko's have the ability to pull beings from other universes and send them to other universes it's not unlikely that she was intentionally using Sumika to do multiverse-level shenanigans.
File: 1381959367021.png (2.17 MB, 1440x1440)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB PNG

Bombing happened before she was appointed to Yokohama. I do agree that it's possible, but that'd imply that Kasumi is a dirty liar.
>pull beings from other universes and send them to other universes
She made it clear that it was only possible because of Takeru's connection to the other Universe. ExtraYuuko didn't need it, but remember that she had the full theory, while AltYuuko did not.
I want more Meiya in that style.
File: 1369174500025.png (658.73 KB, 799x886)
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658.73 KB PNG
Never trust a commie.

Better dead than red.
It doesn't mean Kasumi is a liar. It means Yuuko lied to Kasumi, which is pretty likely. Yuuko's in the business of telling half-truths.

Yuuko was also still able to build a machine to send Takeru back to Extra-verse without the full theory. I think sending and recieving was possible, but making something like Sumika was where she hit her wall.

Similarly, Kasumi had to function like an anchor just like Sumika in order to keep the pathway open.
File: 1382837357825.jpg (2.24 MB, 2000x1200)
2.24 MB
2.24 MB JPG
>Yuuko lied to Kasumi
>lying to an esper
There aren't Buffwhite devices for humans, anon. Everything else is you describing what we already know.
I'm pretty sure Yuuko built something that can block an esper's abilities on certain people if I remember correctly.

The ability to do so exists anyways.
File: 1364332240614.jpg (80.49 KB, 778x500)
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Cryska, Yui and Inia are my waifus.
That's what Buffwhite device is, but it was built for 00 Unit specifically. I guess you could use hypnosis to make them not remember certain information, but completely blocking it was never mentioned.
I don't know. I think if Kasumi could understand Yuuko's thoughts fully, that kinda casts a lot of the game in a bad shadow because she didn't warn Takeru about anything, like him going back to Extra or the beta release.
She didn't exactly act surprised when learned about either of those things. Besides, Yuuko is her superior.
File: ac4a618c8533ac491.jpg (141.19 KB, 630x1000)
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File: 1384296566576.png (252.47 KB, 400x400)
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I wasn't a meiyafag at the beginning. Over time I liked her. She can't she be happy.
File: 1277426012419.jpg (25.19 KB, 418x288)
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25.19 KB JPG
>She can't she be happy.
File: 1350998601432.jpg (61.86 KB, 512x512)
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61.86 KB JPG
But how can you not love these cute little Ruskaya?

You have great taste anon.
File: 1360822759625.jpg (74.44 KB, 800x1066)
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74.44 KB JPG
Inia is such a cutie.
File: 1383951373858.jpg (88.65 KB, 1200x1279)
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88.65 KB JPG

Yes she is.
File: 1378217323159.jpg (226.58 KB, 900x1272)
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Because I like the other one.
Is there anything new on the horizon?
File: 1382025728999.jpg (74.39 KB, 556x541)
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74.39 KB JPG

ded company
ded franchise.
ded TSF Forefront.
Altered Fable TL being finished....


There's also Forefront being released...

File: 1368906185178.jpg (439.07 KB, 706x999)
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439.07 KB JPG
Is MuvLuv as exciting as it looks? How do I get into it?
You start with Extra/Unlimited and after that you read Alternative. Don't even bother with the Total Eclipse anime, it's shit.
Meiya a shit.
Chizuru best girl.
Extra best Muv Luv.
Extra and Unlimited, then Alternative.
Now get the fuck out of this thread.
VN. You can download the original trilogy from Fuwanovel, TPB, or the Kng stash (but I'm on mobile, so I don't haven the link on me). And if you actually start playing it, stay away from the Muv Luv threads because there's always 1 or 2 assholes who will spoil shit.
>ded TSF Forefront.

If ever there was a reason to curse our existence.
Mikotoa shit.
Chizurubest girl.
Alternativebest Muv Luv.
Wait wat
File: 1312352632952.jpg (93.27 KB, 532x396)
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93.27 KB JPG
Wanna f8 m8
Mah nigga
Kay. Is it mostly girls or are there some good male characters too?
File: 1367704227653.jpg (81.88 KB, 1280x720)
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81.88 KB JPG
I want to hug Inia.
File: 1370458032638.jpg (217.49 KB, 694x600)
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File: 1389498114130.jpg (284.50 KB, 575x1000)
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Don't we all (well at least us with good taste)?
File: 1363952182847.jpg (403.06 KB, 850x589)
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403.06 KB JPG
It would be nice if I can join both Inia and Cryska in the tub. Don't know if we could fit Yui though. Guess we have to get a bigger bathtub.
Kryska best motherland
File: 1363202854019.jpg (302.13 KB, 850x600)
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File: 1349388691467.png (215.35 KB, 987x593)
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needs more purple
File: 1375539192829.jpg (216.07 KB, 640x960)
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File: 1360777086860.jpg (473.81 KB, 848x1200)
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473.81 KB JPG
selflessly bumping this for answers. Does anyone know by chance?
File: 1360290709328.jpg (2.78 MB, 5000x2390)
2.78 MB
2.78 MB JPG
File: wtfdoido.png (177.65 KB, 1247x633)
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177.65 KB PNG
sup bros I'm trying to install Altered Fable but keep on running into this problem does anyone know what to do?

Help is very appreciated.
What do you think, dipshit?
File: 1390245684414.gif (534.65 KB, 480x270)
534.65 KB
534.65 KB GIF
>What do you think, dipshit?

I don't know that's why I'm asking....
Then use google. You're either bait, or too retarded to post on even /b/.

unfortunately, no. all the muvmoney was wasted on animating the battleship scenes in te.
Another anime. No info on it so far, though.
>no intakes
How does she keep her cool, anon?
File: Capture.png (19.72 KB, 568x46)
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File: 1345966243909.jpg (422.67 KB, 1920x1080)
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File: 1392252144045.jpg (53.79 KB, 600x600)
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Mostly females, but the story explains this situation quite well.
File: drink the sorrows away.png (19.23 KB, 550x621)
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19.23 KB PNG
Someone posted on the previous thread stating that it ended up not getting enough submissions therefore it is dead.
File: 1361676155205.jpg (60.25 KB, 600x600)
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60.25 KB JPG
For the same reason you don't piss in an ocean of piss. Oh wait...
File: 1359330126302.gif (1.68 MB, 640x360)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB GIF
File: 1374582757864.jpg (1.55 MB, 2118x3031)
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1.55 MB JPG
File: momruss.png (1.23 MB, 1958x1382)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
>Farewell, my son from Japan
Lower processing speed. You'll notice she's the more reserved and mellow one of the twins. If Yuuhi tries to initiate high energy processes she'll overheat and shut down. Meiya on the other hand is the upbeat and passionate one constantly showing stronger reactions.

It's all by design.
Did she really get killed by that rusky scumbag? Why, did he kill her?
No she survives and appears again with the rest of the battalion at the end of the VN. She says that line before going for a suicide attack that gets interrupted by the newtype ghost of Cryska's past. She doesn't die.
Oh, that is actually good to hear. Thanks anon!

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