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Why isn't there, is there? a website that hosts ripped sub files for every anime?
I mean, they're not that hard to get, you can just rip them out of the mkv but it's a hassle to download entire series for a text file.

A site like this has to exists, right?
I don't think so; why would people just want the sub scripts alone unless they were doing their own custom subs? Not too many people do that fyi.

Not to mention many older series are hardsub e.g you can't just hit a button and get the script file.

Fuck this gay earth. I started "upgrading" my collection to BDs and higher quality releases but watching series with alternative subs feels wrongs. And yes, I did delete my old mkvs like an idiot
Yeah I get what you mean; sometimes the subs on older versions of series were better.

Official BD subs are still pretty ugly a lot of the time while fansubs are more tolerable (if not better translations at times). But there isn't much that can be done about it especially on hardsubs; personally I just keep the old ones around because storage is cheap these days.
You'd probably have to retime the subs anyway and get the fonts from somewhere.

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