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So I was rewatching Saber Marionette J and by the 8th episode preview I noticed something I didn't as a kid, that Hanagata is gay.

Any other surprises you got from watching an anime you watched previously as a child?
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It was a more innocent time.

But still, it was hardly the most subtle thing in this show.
How the fuck did you not notice that? In every episode he's in he's screaming to pound his asshole in.

Personally I just notice animation changes, difference in technical skill and for TV series shading being much sloppier. Also, all those god damned recycled scenes.
And by sloppy I mean being plain bad or like 90% of the shows, non-existent.
Reaching Yugioh a while back I've noticed Joey had a tendency to distort his face during Battle City.
I remembered that he once showed off his chest, but I thought it was for the marionettes. Anyway, it was by that point I really noticed he was in love with Otaru, until then, it seemed he was, but was not sure, also the version I'm watching may not be that blantlant

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