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File: Spoiler Image (399.46 KB, 532x541)
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Final Boss of Kill la Kill?

>Extensive knowledge of life fibers
>Extensive knowledge of everything
>Clever enough to hatch a plan
>Works closely with Sewing Club President
>No real reason to be loyal
>Hacked Revoc before
>Deception symbolism (mouth covering ect.)

Is there anything sound in this theory?
You know it won't happen.

Not nearly enough focus.
Its a crazy theory,but things like this are not unheard of.
why couldn't you just
open up a episode of klk
find a frame of him and take a picture?

fuck, you could even take a picture from there and rename the file

are you doing this on purpose anon I'm legit getting anal here
>clearly takes out the beserker by severing it's banshi
>lol what the fuck is a banshi

I don't think the characters care much about him if they use him for such a cheap plot key exposition
Get a load of this mad.
File: anewhoka.png (98.05 KB, 231x217)
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98.05 KB PNG
For you
Its that type of deus ex machina techno babble that make me think he could pull something crazy.
>changing filenames because it might make someone mad
You are as bad as tumblrites that see rape triggers in everything.

>Final Boss of KlK
that's not Hououmaru
File: 1317842010910.jpg (66.73 KB, 640x480)
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66.73 KB JPG
Am I the only one who doesn't care about these shitty website rivalries?
He will betray them. He has been gathering data for Revocs all along. Also, he is the one who put Nui's fake identity into the computer system of the school and then wiped it later. How could Nui have done that remotely?
I never thought of that
>Final Boss
>Not Life fibers themselves
>Implying the final battle won't be a mix of third impact, episodes 24-27 of Gurren lagann & FLCL.
what is google images?
yeah it's gonna be a lifefiber fight
File: 1392160596899.png (1009.83 KB, 1280x720)
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1009.83 KB PNG
I gotta find out who killed my dad
I hear the voice of you in my mind
Nui and Hoka are in it together.
Why the fuck do you need Google for an Inu picture?
I only save pictures of girls.

>Life fibers are basically Lavos
>Ragyuo is basically Queen Zeal
>implying the final battle won't the involve the party of Satsuki, Ryuko and Tsurugu fighting a ball of life fibers that uses the powers of every character shown so far
That's pretty gay.
File: nonon.png (80.16 KB, 231x231)
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80.16 KB PNG
I think those types of final bosses are lame. I like the human element.
You are gay

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