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ITT: Design the craziest most WTF tweest you can think of for an anime or manga you are currently reading.
F/SN - Shirou turns out to be the red man.
Ryuko is the one who killed her father.
File: 1293229630108.jpg (86.55 KB, 748x420)
86.55 KB
86.55 KB JPG
its been done
Byakuya kills Rukia due to confusion from FEAR
File: Vegapunk_Anime_Infobox.png (688.08 KB, 1084x690)
688.08 KB
688.08 KB PNG
Vegapunk is Tony Tony Chopper from the future.

The Fifth is going to revolve around the decisions of Earth-Pre Chopper/Vegapunk meeting Chopper and revealing this.
Luffy gets One Piece, and turns around saying he doesn't need his crew anymore. The last thing you see is him covered in everyone's blood.
Ghost Banri materializes and chokes Kaga Kouko to death.
File: 1390921731576.jpg (129.35 KB, 557x722)
129.35 KB
129.35 KB JPG
She becomes popular.
Ichigo was Aizen all along
Buddy Complex gets a fanbase.
Master of Martial Hearts
File: y-yuuta kun.png (395.66 KB, 552x520)
395.66 KB
395.66 KB PNG
Rikka didn't imagine her dark powers. They are real.
They get off the boat.
The Sakura Tricks get boyfriends
Saitama does not beat his opponent in one punch.
>Hard mode: It's for Samurai Flamenco
File: 1391902932648.png (64.50 KB, 355x328)
64.50 KB
64.50 KB PNG
It turns into Samurai Flamenco

This also applies to ANY manga
File: Itachi's_Genjutsu.png (917.19 KB, 1280x718)
917.19 KB
917.19 KB PNG
Everything from the first time Naruto got put under Itachi's Genjustu, to right now?

Still part of the Genjutsu. Everything that has happened in the past seven years didn't actually happen. It was all Itachi trying to warn him of what's to come.
Already happened.
So then does it turn into Muv-Luv Alternative?

I-I like it...
File: 1381665530954.jpg (80.77 KB, 1280x720)
80.77 KB
80.77 KB JPG
Miyuki gets injured in the national finals and Sawamura and Chris come together as a battery and win it.

It's beautiful.
File: 1389058111586.png (570.27 KB, 521x653)
570.27 KB
570.27 KB PNG
>Gotta find out who killed my dad

It was his sled.
Kouko reveals she's really been in love with Ghost Banri the whole time. He accepts her and gets Barbara too, leaving TADA BANRI all alone.
the infinite tsukuyomi in actual effect is my favorite however is not mine

in HxH killua is indeed the last boss the Zoldyick family let killua partner with gon because they know he will
>1 make him stronger
>2 he will eventually betray gon
hence the main title of the manga
Hunter x Hunter who means Hunter vs Hunter
File: MostBetaofAll.jpg (214.45 KB, 1024x576)
214.45 KB
214.45 KB JPG
Kouta turns out to actually have a pair of balls.
Tatsumi kills the Night Raid and goes to live with Esdese
File: 1386878411235.jpg (761.77 KB, 1612x922)
761.77 KB
761.77 KB JPG
>Ryuuko and Nui finally face off for the final time.
>The atmosphere is very intense, and Nui is just as whimsical as ever.
>Nui Theme on full blast
>Ryuuko doesn't hesitate this time, "Senketsu, it's you and me together, win or lose"
>"Fear not, there can only be victory Ryuuko, our bond is strong."
>Nui comments "Hahaha, how utterly adorable, I'll be sure to send the both of you to your father soon enough. Isn't that wonderful? You can share your bond even in death!"
>"Alright, let's go, Kamui Senketsu!"
>Nui laughs and charges "That's it, that's more like it, AHAHAHAHA-"
>There's a huge explosion of dust.
>Music abruptly stops, there's dead silence
>Nui is on the ground, in a crater, passed out and bakana.
>Sanageyama emerges

>"It's time, Ryuuko."


>[Electric Shamisen Intensifies]
>I posted it again!
At least accept my friend request
File: 1392065156310.jpg (261.52 KB, 930x720)
261.52 KB
261.52 KB JPG
I'm a Monkeyfag but you..
Wow, that was fucking terrible!
Mako is Nui.
File: 1283014200368.jpg (28.27 KB, 412x397)
28.27 KB
28.27 KB JPG
>WTF tweest
Senketsu never existed
Sakamoto is nanos true maker
Does anyone know what chapter of berserk this image is from? Sage for offtopic.
The real world is 2D and the characters are all real. You were the anime all along
Cowboy Bebop - Spike dies
Your Waifu
A shit

That would be a big surprise.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (167.83 KB, 1920x1080)
167.83 KB
167.83 KB JPG
She has been popular all along.
File: 1353716337030.gif (505.41 KB, 600x600)
505.41 KB
505.41 KB GIF
She actually has super-powers all along and works all night to keep the city safe. That's why she naps all the time.
How about this:

Cowboy Bebop - Spike still dies

It sells.
File: 1355794433234.jpg (20.13 KB, 500x281)
20.13 KB
20.13 KB JPG
Kaiji wins on his first try.
It's called ONE OUTS now
Hei killed his Pai and was responsible for the disappearance of South America and Amber is trying to prevent a repeat of this in Japan.
Hei doesn't remember any of this because he has amnesia for plot reasons
Nah, Sakura being anything important would be crazy.
File: 1386226735959.jpg (253.03 KB, 1280x720)
253.03 KB
253.03 KB JPG
The male character is his own grandmother.
Way overdone.
File: Shiroe_is_beta.jpg (1.28 MB, 1450x1200)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
Shiroe decides to abandon Akibahara and live out his power-trip sex-fueled fantasy in Minami with BestGoods
>First half is a completely interesting anime with battle well thought and zero drama, while in it climax it cuts to be revealed it was just some guys delusion.
>Later half only focuses on boring SOL without giving first half any end
SamFlam level tweeest
File: Sumika.png (345.12 KB, 800x600)
345.12 KB
345.12 KB PNG
Aliens invade and everyone dies.
Nanoha is actually god but doesn't know it, the TSAB does, however. So they organize people into forming faux groups of heroes and villains that let her feel useful and loved.
File: 1383549140488.gif (2.90 MB, 500x281)
2.90 MB
2.90 MB GIF
It would still be hilarious, especially for Space Dandy.
That's just Mahou Haruhi...
I honestly don't think anybody would have been surprised if this exact scene happened.
Turns out Tange is purposefully sabotaging Wake Up Girls to make Mayu look bad. This will get her hired by I-1 Club.

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