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File: josephinejoestar.jpg (137.41 KB, 1280x720)
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A genie comes up to you and gives you a choice.

Either he leaves you alone and you go on with your life, or he makes you fucking ugly but you get a Stand with the following power. You must make your choice before you have your Stand power selected:


Would you take it? Congratulations to those of you who are already ugly.
File: nyaruko.gif (622.88 KB, 360x263)
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622.88 KB GIF
choose Stand get http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Cthulhu_Mythos_Deity_Physiology
I won't be ugly even if i choose to
I'd do it probably. Stands are fucking cool. This could be an interesting one, but it would be the typical power stand: http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Aura_Manipulation
Got http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Multiple_Ears

Goddammit. At least this is Jojo and I can probably think of a way to make it hilariously overpowered
I'll wear a scary mask and make myself a local legend.

I'll stay mildly ugly though, it's a stupid power
Don't do it guys.

Speaking as a formerly nerdy but now good looking person, looks help you out a lot in ways you can't even imagine.
File: 1389279725572.gif (2.98 MB, 200x346)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB GIF

Alcohol Empowerment? I don't even drink so it's worthless.

So I basically stay the same

I guess everything turned out fine...

Wow, that's perfect.
I'll keep my looks

but being curious let's see what I would've gotten:


at least i would be able to lift
File: 1391871732050.png (37.04 KB, 165x176)
37.04 KB
37.04 KB PNG


This has to be OP.

could be cool, but I won't be able to be a baddie because I would be killed with an electric shock.
Eh, powerlisting is a pretty boring place to get Stand ideas from. There's no stuff like Sticky Fingers, King Crimson, Tusk or Soft & Wet there.
>there's no stuff like Sticky Fingers, King Crimson
here you go.
Yeah, but stuff like Zipper Generation was probably added after it appeared in Jojo, or some other series. Time Manipulation is pretty common, I'll admit, but many interesting Stands are more unique concepts.
I'll take it. Who needs looks when I never leave the house anyway?
Holy shit.
>the power to be with your waifu

i think being ugly helps me. but the page is shill'd
>'For example, if the user was in the a Holocaust concentration camp, they would have virtually limitless torment to draw strength from.'

I think I just broke the game.
>you can be the little girl
Why are JoJo threads such cancer?
But, we are all little girls.
We could be neckbeards!
I don't know, why are you such a whiny faggot?
Well way to fucking go with ugliness.

Awesome, now I'm immune to my special powers since no one else in the world has any to make my own useful.

Aw yes, hit the jackpot. We DBZ now.
Become an assassin.
File: 1381315285962.jpg (29.34 KB, 446x435)
29.34 KB
29.34 KB JPG

Hikkikomori, the stand.


I'm okay with this.
paint manipulation

I kind of broke even I guess. Depends on how powerful the paint stand is

I was going to make a paint stand joke but that would require effort
File: mantissuperpower.gif (1.78 MB, 240x192)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB GIF
Of fucking course, think of all the rape/stealing Ii could do. Not to mention I'm pretty damn ugly.

Looks like I've won the magic lottery.

First change will be to not-ugly again.


>>Head is still as stone while the body wiggles like its no tomorrow.
>not becoming a futa loli

I just said first change. I can be anything I want to whenever I want to. I can make everyone into futa loli. With balls.

Not even the Joestars can stop me.
>an entire world of loli's fucking each other
I'd be your first servant.
Yeah okay lets see what I got.


...well I was ugly to start with so it's no big loss.
Nah, wouldn't take the stand.
Got http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Melancholy_Manipulation though, so, yay?

At least you didn't get Multiple Ears.

NO shit, they add powers from media there.
File: 1371203586803.jpg (9.91 KB, 185x200)
9.91 KB
9.91 KB JPG
>Body Heat Camouflage
>The user can mask their body heat and other such emissions, leaving them invisible to such things as thermal imaging equipment.

I'll stay beautiful.

No, you're ugly now. Shouldn't have checked.
>The user can control a galaxy and everything within; stars, planets, etc. They can control cosmic forces at a galactic level, and even destroy these galaxies, along with everything within it.
That's not even a question, who needs good looks when you're a god?

Kind of a shitty power, you can control something so big that it cannot affect you and your surroundings in much different ways than obliteration or continued existence.

I guess you could hold your planet hostage?
>embodiment of loneliness
> Users become the living embodiment of loneliness and gain the ability to become strong by being alone. To care only for oneself, to love only oneself, to be alone with no one to weigh one down, no emotional ties.

i'm ugly and lonely? that's what i get for leaving /fa/ ;c
Galaxia could do some direct attacks.
And think of all the asteroids I could throw at enemies...
Think of all the cool things I could do by rearranging stars and planets, my palace will be a system I build myself.
I'll take the fucking stand, I'm ugly as it is.
Seems handy

What enemy are you going to fight that you'd need to use a meteor to kill? And if you used it, wouldn't you just destroy the planet you're on along with it, or at least cause an extinction event? How are you going to use a meteor to kill something without killing yourself along with it?
File: 1334038774151.jpg (86.79 KB, 589x586)
86.79 KB
86.79 KB JPG
>get to have a stand
>but have to be ugly
But anon one of the perks of having a stand is being fabulous.
At first I laughed, but shit that's pretty OP.

That's not a perk of having a stand, see: J.Geil or plenty others.


And then the economy was fuck.
File: 1390594125103.gif (505.86 KB, 480x270)
505.86 KB
505.86 KB GIF
I would make threads during christmas asking /a/nons what would they like so I can buy it and ship it to them.
File: 1386270943693.jpg (33.90 KB, 720x480)
33.90 KB
33.90 KB JPG

I... sure.. I get to be this guy and NEET it up with a handsome detecive.
>Jojo stand thread
>nobody tries to come up with interesting uses for the powers they get/interesting names for the Stands they get

Come the fuck on, let's at least try.


My Stand is called I Am A Rock. I would wear a constant coat of shield-armor, generate shields on my feet to walk on the air and water, blind enemies by creating little shields on their retina or killing them outright by generating a big one inside of them, camouflage myself thanks to mirror shields or shields that merge with the colors of the environment, I don't fucking know. It helps that these pages are not especific at all while describing the power.

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