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#hackerguitarisborn flow the GNAA
trust me.......it cums as hard as the big
be the same
fuck yalls who don't see
what I mean
before the revolution
you are all doomed if you don't get on board the
LULZ express to Funkytown
real monsters VVVWWW
created by the system of errors
perpetrated by the grand liar,Mr.oFbomba
You Yes you I want you to go to the show
2/28/14 http://www.madamezuzus.com/
Highland Park,IL 2/28/14
Shred dat little guitar
and cut me like I want to do to you
Your mind is not prepared you are not prepared
you can smell the change is coming
from your basement lair /b/ros /h/oes
and liger liber catch you by the toes and throw you into the fire like a picaschu
I choose YOU YOU YOU I AM BECAUSE WE AREN'T but become what we are
LoAM SPeaks like the midget from Twin Peaks
harder and longer and faster then you've ever fucked your mom in her tight little ass
and CUM POOLS OF SUPER AIDS AND LULZ FAR bYOLOnd the economy of evil ALL YOUR BASEment DWELERS that belong at.......25 years in the making on the 10th anonversery of the birth of LULZ!
Billy HARDcorgan's place of mirrors and secrets
be there, be square, be amplituhedron amplitude of mystic mythbusting a nut in your
spells like a limp dick -SQUIRL!-
LoAM LIVES YOUTUBE google wholehillwill
Ride the SNANKE PLANK shit ton 2/12/14
the final boss of the internet reveals himself who pulled the strings the whole time you where faping to child porn of shitting dicknipples spilling into your eagar mouth
SHAKE YO ASS, be there
7 14 27 42 64 77 88
the veil of thoughts has been lifted
the timewave zero is at an end and I am Jesus's son-Cum deep-Cum hard-It be epic
There will be blood
Wait, why are you asking people to troll me?

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