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What do in this situation?
Remember, you wanted the yandere!
Dump the three other girls.

The Yandere is the only one who is crazy enough to not give a fuck about the three other girls (beyond killing them) and is also crazy enough to believe I was forced to do this by a death god (she'd probably find a way to murder her to).

So then it's just a game of not getting killed by her which was going to happen to me by the death god anyway.
B..But big tits with glasses!
All he has to do is have one gf to be a riajuu, so if he properly explains it, she'll stick with him and they both get to be happy.
Man the yandere is well done here
Anybody know of some yandere older sisters? Even if you do lots of searching, all I've found is Re:Birth: The Lunatic Taker and I've already read that.
None of the girls are that in love with him to actually believe him or even care.

Maybe gamer grill and yandere but even then it's risky.
>wanting a Yandere
>wanting other human relations too

pick one
She seemed totally fine with him hanging with people.

She even said she thought it might be platonic but the photo is pretty incriminating. That's a lot better than most Yandere who would kill your mother for having you inside her at birth.
Is this the manga with that bitch of a shinigami?

Isn't it supposed to be light-hearted?
File: 1391212116566.jpg (46.50 KB, 500x375)
46.50 KB
46.50 KB JPG
Not really.
Despair arc starts now.
File: 1390178080538.gif (2.58 MB, 500x500)
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2.58 MB GIF
Easy, tell her I didn't want to dirty her with my disgusting urges. And then grab her by her shoulders and tell her that I love her and she must remain pure, otherwise shes just another disgusting harlot, going on about how a woman that loses her purity before marriage is nothing but a whore, and whores aren't worth marrying, therefor, if she were to lose her purity she would not be worth marrying. Then I would go into detail about why shes the best girl in the world, and how I would kill anyone that tried to do anything with her, all while tightening my grip on her getting more and more stern the more I talk. Then, go into detail about how difficult it is to keep myself under control around her, and how using a harlot is the only way to cool myself off. Then finally wrapping things up and turning the tables and making implications that she doesn't trust me,a nd if she doesn't trust me then she must be doing something wrong, then asking if shes seeing anyone, getting more and more intimidating the more I question her. Then when she says shes not seeing anyone else, go back to being a happy normal guy, while stalking her a bit here and there.

Remember, when confronted with a Yandere that knows you've crossed her, the only thing you can do is out-Yandere the Yandere. Remember, Yandere don't think like normal people, so its easy to turn their world upside down.
The shinjigami in this is such a fucking cruel bitch.
I like this yandere, she didn't go batshit insane the moment she saw them together, instead she tried to rationalize it or find out why that would happen, she acts sweet and kind most of the time and only switches her yan on when there is a reason to fear.

She even sends him status updates of everything she does. She is the best fucking yandere I've seen in a year or two.
File: 1391496691086.gif (127.96 KB, 209x193)
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127.96 KB GIF
>out-Yandere the Yandere
What if she's the yandere that kills you?
Unless shit get reals in raw I'm going to predict that MC is going to pull some lame excuse out of his ass and get back to status quo in the next chapter.
Well, the loli being a friend with similar interests wouldn't even be that much of a lie, so just say that.

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