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File: NorwegianWood.jpg (24 KB, 160x226)
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ITT books to animu

Ive always wonder why this book hasnt been adapted into an animated feature or film. Ive must of read this book a dozen times now and I cannnot help but picture the story from an animated view every time I read it.

Oh how I wish ;_; if this were ever to be an animated feature with either Shinkai or Mamoru Hosoda directing I think it would be truely epic.

Though maybe the book is just too epic itself to be made into a film...
Books to animu?

I would like to see Of Mice and Men animated. Then people would have a good scale of BAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW and stop using shitty examples like 5cm.
A Planet Called Treason.
You had me until Shinkai.
File: 1205369240950.gif (40 KB, 286x475)
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I always say ender's game and post that image, but that's getting old.

Should be fine if it ain't his own writing.
I say the Bard gets voiced by Wakamoto.
File: 1205369594238.jpg (32 KB, 281x475)
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A badass manly priest, a fabulous vampire noble and a catgirl stand against demons and the ambitions of an evil emperor who uses faith as his weapon to transform the world.
I think all Murakami books would make good anime. The Wind Up Bird Chonicles, for example, would be nice to see animated.
File: 1205369854887.jpg (33 KB, 287x440)
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Main character is torturer/executioner. Also lulzworthy deaths for almost everybody.
shit, is that the card where the guy has regenhax? fucking awesome book

ben bova's orion saga would be pretty awesome, orion has ultra powers and doesn't afraid of anything

alfred bester - the stars my destination would also be ridiculously awesome
Hmm... I don't think Norwegian Wood is conducive to a video format. It's nice to share the thoughts of the character. It doesn't work so easily in film. "The Diving Bell and The Butterfly" did a good job of that, but he was paralyzed, so it worked well. lol


Though one wonders how they'd handle Moneta/Rachel.
haibane renmei was supposedly inspired by Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World

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