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well lets see how seirin deal wif rakuzan' akashi
>the theory that they let Mayuzumi get the spotlight to reduce Kuroko's presence was right

I'm angry. That shit is retarded and makes no sense.
Raws, by the way.

It makes perfect sense.
First of all, it is such a base thing to do that it seems impossible Akashi did not predict it. In fact I still wonder why the fuck Mayuzumi is still on the court when it has been established that misdirection can't last this long. He should have been benched at the end of the first half and Akashi KNOWS it, considering he invented (and perfected) the style. Also it's a thing that Kuroko had to do every damn game.

Second, it was outright said that Kuroko basically became a normal player because his lack of presence is gone. GONE, not faded a bit like when he stood too much in the court. With all the shots/tricks/essential plays he made he's been recognize by the crowd and everyone as a guy to closely follow.

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