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File: Gintama.jpg (544.43 KB, 1500x1125)
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Aiight, /a/. Apologies for the random image, but Gintama is always applicable.

I hate mecha shows.
I hate them!

Every single one I watch is boring. "Earth is in danger!" "Train the kids to pilot mechs!" "Through courage and bravery and friendship and love and yaddayadda they win!"

I'm watching Muv-Luv Alternative. It started out great! Holy shit. Humans in a desperate battle against an alien race, fighting with honest-to-god tanks, helicopters, foot-soldiers and every resource they got. Diverse strategy! Beautiful battles!

And then the show jumps 20 years into the future and its a bunch of 14-year-old kids riding giant mechanical robots.

I mean, why? This ruins the entire fucking show. It ruins everything. Why can't I watch humanity fight a losing battle and win through sheer luck and determination, using real-world materials? Why does it always have to be random giant mechas? Fucking stupid. I'm sick of it. These japanese cartoons are the same shit over and over again.

I just want Gintama back.
Gintama thread?
>I'm watching Muv-Luv Alternative.
There's your problem
Nice blog buddy
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I like how they imply super-powers like America, China and Russia get immediately fucked in the ass, but a tiny shitty nation like Japan didn't become an ass-rape loving twink faggot in the first fifteen seconds.

Yeah, get the fuck out if you don't want to post on my blog, lemme make another thread about kawaii girls from a certain show XD and rack up 400 posts discussing them like some kind of autistic /vg/ shit
File: 1387825748527.jpg (853.57 KB, 852x2362)
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I've got most of my mind set on just dropping this, halfway into the first shitty fucking episode. I've heard good things about Valvrave; are they true? I loved myself some code gayass in the yore.
Maybe watch super robot shows? That way it's established that everything is going to be pretty far from reality from the get go. Kind of hard to see where you're coming from because mecha is my favorite genre.

Actually i'd try Gundam 08th MS team, if you hate that you probably hate every real mecha show ever.

Fucking hell, why didn't i download this when i saw the torrent?

Gonna have to remedy that.
File: Rolling.jpg (1.55 MB, 2676x1867)
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Aiight, I'll take a gander at it. Thanks, mate. I like the idea of mechas, I'm just...Sick of the cliches that they shove into everything. Nothing feels fresh or unique, and I only ever enjoyed code geass when it came to giant robots.

Get it. Now. Honestly, its fucking worth it, at least the first season. The second is a bit mediocre, but has much better visuals and an actual budget.
Valverave is good only as a trainwreck.
File: help.png (187.66 KB, 720x442)
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187.66 KB PNG
I figured it'd be something like that, glad I passed it. Thanks, man.
File: Spoiler Image (854.54 KB, 1114x1600)
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Why the fuck are they all little girls? What's the point? No guys? No adults? Why don't they train military units with experience in combat to pilot the multi-billion dollar giant mechanical weapons of death? Why little fucking girls?
If anything, the mechas are very pretty, there's no denying that. I mean, yeah, it's just freakin' teenager vampires in mechs.

But the mechs are very pretty, and since they're CGI-esque, they get along very well with image interpolators.
I prefer plot over graphics, although a bit of pretty play is nice. I appreciate the extra though, but the whole thing sounds disappointing to me. Thanks, though.
I wouldn't say that the plot is bad... actually, the plot IS bad, but the story is not unentertaining.

Try skipping directly to the mecha fight scene in Ep1, up to that point is simply typical introduction 'til MC sees his gf get killed.

It's because I don't lie when I say tht VVV set quite the standard for mecha visuals, so it's recommended to at least look at some of its fight scenes for reference.
File: 1238439264624.jpg (219.26 KB, 573x545)
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>I like how they imply super-powers like America, China and Russia get immediately fucked in the ass, but a tiny shitty nation like Japan didn't become an ass-rape loving twink faggot in the first fifteen seconds.

So you didn't actually watch it then.

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