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>9. Tesagure Bukatsu Mono
Based Japan.
Was the full OP for this ever released? I want to know how the rest of the song goes.
Can't believe I'm running behind with this.
months ago

The rest is in the Encore OP.
This fucking show. Full lyrics here.

Now! The camera quickly pans up from the bottom and the logo shows up with a thud!

She sits by the window and stares out wistfully
Then closing her eyes she sees an uncomprehensible world
The light of the sun shines in
And suddenly she notices something and looks up at the sky

(This leads into...!)
The part where we introduce everybody
All of us, one by one
Our characters are established as we show up on screen!

And now we're running! - We're reaching out our hands!
For now, if we do this, it'll look like your average OP
We're turning around! - We're facing each other and standing up!
Now we've run out of cuts doing this!
(The production committee's gonna show up, so everybody line up!)
Stand up!

The second verse is always a problem
Because we already say all the important things in the first one

(That's why...!)
We could make up a story that isn't even in the actual show
Like, giving hints of some deep world view or something

But there isn't anything like that - Really, there isn't
Most second verses are done by luck anyway!
But it's all right in the end - Thank you God
And like this we managed to sing that somehow
(They said they'll probably use the second verse too, so everybody line up!)
Stand up!


The bird flaps his wings - And the wind flows
In this part we tried to put some beautiful words together

They changed the musical key! - Let's try our best!
If we repeat it one more time, it'll sound like it's the last chorus!
We're being too honest - There aren't rules anymore
After all we just did it by intuition until the end!
(It'll be fine as long as the ending part sounds good, so everybody line up!)

Stand up! Stand up!! Stand up!!! Stand up!!!!

I could not believe what they did with this the first time I heard it. Had to literally play it back a few good times until my sides finally settled down.
>***,461位/***,543位 ★ (***,877 pt) [*,*64予約] 2014/04/23 てさぐれ! 部活もの あんこーる Vol.1 [Blu-ray]

I wanted to post about Stalker successes, but this is a bit different from what I expected.

To this day I still can't read those. Care to enlighten my ignorant ass?
Read this: http://bakalaureate.wordpress.com/2012/10/19/guest-post-anime-and-sales-analysis-by-yuyucow/
It has explanation for all info on Stalker and also some insight in its accuracy.
If you don't know the Japanese lyrics (and I don't) it sounds like a generic, even below-average anime OP. It's brilliant.

My moon is pretty damn rusty but the lyrics aren't the most complicated. Especially considering they're completely backed up by the video. Really, this has to be the best OP of the year. Went to nico something like half way through the first season, or around the time it ended, can't be sure, and they pasted this to every opening they could find. And of course, most of the times it works. Bloody brilliant whoever thought of it.

Also >>101962925
Reading into it now, thanks.
File: 1382806897053.jpg (48.88 KB, 1280x720)
48.88 KB
48.88 KB JPG
That fucking production committee line. I didn't get it until the second time, and I lost it when I did. Seriously, I never thought Tesabu could be THAT meta.
What is more meta, this or Hina asking everybody to move less because deadlines are coming?
Shit, I don't think I've reached that point yet. I don't even know a lick of moon. Waiting for [&] or Migoto, if the latter decides to pick this up.
Where can I ask them to? My moon is far not enough to completely understand the ad-lib parts.
Ask who? Migoto? Just check out their website. There's a section dedicated to taking requests for niche anime.
File: 1388695358547.jpg (67.26 KB, 1280x720)
67.26 KB
67.26 KB JPG
God damnit, Aoi.
I hope you know some jap.

Well yeah, how do you think I've been watching it so far. Meant I managed to fall behind two or three episodes considering I've been refreshing TT continuously since Encore started.
File: 1388326955926.gif (430.16 KB, 480x270)
430.16 KB
430.16 KB GIF
File: 1389137389349.jpg (69.49 KB, 1280x720)
69.49 KB
69.49 KB JPG

Best grill with worst puns.
But I like her puns. The episode about shogi is what really got me into this anime.
File: 1384413912271.jpg (129.15 KB, 1280x720)
129.15 KB
129.15 KB JPG
One more push!

Oh that doesn't make them any less amusing though, but are still bad puns. Think the one with the underwater band was the one Koharun just wouldn't get and she had to explain it over and over again. Lost all of my sides during that scene.
Oh, that one. It has nothing on third (I think) Encore episode, where the whole ad-lib part was Hina explaining her pun to the other girls. The funniest thing is, I got it before they did.
Come to think of it, maybe I like the puns precisely because I get them and feel proud of it.

Oh god yeah, forgot about that one. The bad puns definitely have to be one of the high points of the show.
Yes, this, and little girls talking naturally in general.

Two of them are younger than me. I feel so empty every time I think about this.
Sorry, anon, I'm off to sleep.

Been a pleasure my good man.
Forever waiting for subs.
You and me both. Seems like it might be a more difficult project than your typical show, though.
It's ridiculous. Aoi is nearly a 100% rookie seiyuu. Must have been a hell of a first role, doing Tesabu.

It's the ad-lib that frightens all the translators I'd presume. Unless someone that really likes this pops up who can also understand it better than at a watching level there are little to no hopes for subs.
>Love Live #1

Don't let me vomit, Japan. Fucking seriously.

Well that's a surprisingly aggressive reaction. Found the show cute enough personally. Not anything great, but cute enough nevertheless.
Who's cuter Aoi or Koharun
File: 141216.jpg (62.87 KB, 280x360)
62.87 KB
62.87 KB JPG

O-oh my, a revival, thought no one was around anymore. As for an answer I'd say them as a pair. Aoi making silly puns that Koharun doesn't answer or is completely overwhelmed by won't be as much fun. Though personally, I'd want more interaction with the Mobukos outside the gym. While those are plenty entertaining, I'd want to see them in the club room more often during ad-libs.
That last episode of the first season, where the Mobukos came into the club room, I lost it. I love watching them just stand there with that stupid smile on their face.
That translation. No.
Is "ampersand" doing any more episodes? I find only 6 on TT and then I have to fucking strip out their retarded script for the decent one (when it's not missing any lines).

There's raws for more episodes out but shit.

What's wrong with it?
For one thing, where's the Japanese lyrics?
To me, you have to prove these are any where decent by letting people check the work.

I'll bet you the real translation isn't any where as wordy as this.
>then I have to fucking strip out their retarded script for the decent one

Ha, was planning to do the same whenever this was fully subbed. Problem is they guess sub a lot, and I ain't doing that well at understanding everything well enough to translate it myself. So would've preferred some other group pick it up instead... And yeah, I know what the chances of that happening are.

Didn't learn the second part from Encore yet, but humming the song in my head while reading that seemed to work well enough... But yeah, my moon ain't that great so can't say that with much confidence really.

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