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I'm about halfway into Akagi, it is worth it to finish it if I have no idea how to play mahjong?
Yes it is.

Also it's easy to learn how to play. Play some matches on tenhou
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If you made it to the half without knowing how to play you should be fine for the rest, Washizu Mahjong is different than normal anyway.
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skip the rest of akagi and watch kaiji
But I already have, both seasons.
What's the matter, are you one of those retards that need to identify with and relate to the main character?
What's the best site to learn?

Not him but I used this


Gives you a basic rundown of the game with pictures
4chan lobby: tenhou.net/0/?L7447

For beginners
Everything you need to know about tenhou itself can be found here http://arcturus.su/tenhou/

Explanations for the tiles, rules, scoring etc can be found here:


Games to test your Knowledge:

Please read 2-3 sites before playing and even then try the singleplayer games first.
Playing without knowing what you do is not only frustrating for yourself but also for your opponents, a player that left because he couldn't ron for his no Yaku hand or because someone ron'd his discard just kills the whole fun for everyone.

Usually, a game lasts around 30 minutes, so please, if you're not going to stay until the end, respect the other players and don't join a new game.

Also keep in mind that Mahjong is more a game of "not losing" than straightforward winning.
Furthermore you play with 3 other people and luck plays a big part in it, so dont expect to win more than 1 out 4 games, especially not as a beginner.

If you read some of the linked sites and still have questions feel free to ask.
Would Akagi beat this guy?
Nah, just stick with Kaji.
Akagi has an infamously piss-poor payoff.
lol a babbys crying because they didn't get a happy wittle ending

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