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>those 100+ episode shows in your backlog that you never get around to because currently airing shows and older shows that are only 12/26 episodes
Space Brothers
Stuck on episode 80 something of hokuto no kenshiro
Hunter x hunter the new one
Dr slump because can't find a torrent
Rewatch YYH and ruroni kenshin
Yeah it's really hard to watch Anime if you don't really like it.
It's easier to take the shorter Anime so you it's over sooner.
But someone has to watch these shitty cartoons right?
nice shitpost son

Its not about not enjoying anime, it's about so many series but so little time
>so little time
that's bullshit. When you have enough time to watch maybe at least 3-5 episodes a day you should be glad about every good Anime to watch because you will run out of good shows in no time.
that doesn't apply if you have so low standards that you enjoy every crappy show. sometimes i wish i had this kind of shit taste.
It's gotten to the point that I find getting around to watching completed 26-episode shows a hassle.
>huge backlog
>no you are just watching shit shows

either this or you just watch too few Anime.
i can't understand people who watch trash like another, Sao, madoka or other mediocre crap but put good old shows into their backlog.
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2/3 are.
>not trash
>expecting your opinion to be of any significance
>always wanted to watch one piece, case closed and a few pokemon seasons
>all shows at 500+ episodes
>even if I watched 5 episodes a day it would take me no earlier than 100 days to catch up
>never end up getting around to watching them because I still have to watch the new stuff coming out
Don't worry, you're not missing out on anything.

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