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Magic the Gathering Online related, if you don't like it don't look.

I just met a tourneyfag on MTGO, apparently if you win under any condition vs an MTGO tourneyfag it's "luck" and nothing else. It went sort of like this:

Used my B/W Discard/Removal deck, he had a deck worth like 500 USD. I completely DEVASTATE him. Funny thing is, my deck only costs about 5 dollars if even that... Anyway, skipping to the last part of the game.

His turn: he summons a 7/7 creature, you have to sacrifice something to keep it on the field. if you don't sacrifice the owner takes 7 damage. He ends his turn

My turn: I use Pillory of the Sleepless and stop that bitch, and I have a few nice cards ready to end the game on my next turn. I end

His turn: Nothing special. He ends, sacrificing his last creature.

My turn: I use Strands of Undeath on my Abyssal Nocturnus, he discards 2 cards and both of my abyssals gain +4/4. and then I use Cry of Contrition and he discards again, abyssals gain +2/2 raising them to 8/8 each. 16 damage right there. he has 8 life left


I end my turn, it's his turn. Pillory hits him for 1 lowering him to 7, and then his creature has to suicide since it doesn't have anything to sacrifice. Bam, 7 fucking damage. I win.

First words he typed:
"your lucky" (note, the "your")
so I reply "Nah, you just suck."
So he starts asking for a rematch, I refuse, he calls me a coward, I accept the rematch and we both use a different deck. Destroyed him on turn 3 with my Ravager Affinity deck. Before I could finish him off he closed the game.

tl;dr. owned a tourneyfag, he cried, owned him again, he ran away. Also, I just killed /a/ for the Internet Explorers.
You missed your /tg/ tab, I think.
How is this at all related to anime or manga? gb2/tg/
/a/ - Anime and Magic the Gathering
/tg/ hates mtg, /v/ hates mtg, /a/ likes magic/weeaboo shit. it's only natural that you like MTG
ITT faggot with no idea what spoilers are for.
File: 1205366298138.jpg (31 KB, 312x445)
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>Also, I just killed /a/ for the Internet Explorers

Protip: look at /a/ under internet explorer now
Rather than going b2 /tg/, you should gb2 /v/
Don't we have a board dedicated to exactly this sort of thread? Like a "Traditional Games" board? It's probably on zip and has a clever name like /tg/. You should check that out.

magic isn't weeaboo. If it were, we'd tell you to go to /jp/.

There's always /b/. Regardless, it doesn't belong here.
File: 1205366391121.jpg (54 KB, 375x523)
54 KB
Where the fuck am I? Am I still in /a/?
Not looking, still saging.
ohhh don't have that one
If it wasn't so gaijin there'd probably be official animu MTG.
File: 1205366640142.jpg (40 KB, 375x523)
40 KB
1. It's Gaara
2. That card sucks, it's so poorly written.
3. Gaara never said that.
4. You're a faggot.
>/tg/ hates mtg, /v/ hates mtg, /a/ likes magic/weeaboo shit. it's only natural that you like MTG

Oh hay Cody Porter, out of the hospital already?
I found this interesting despite not being about animu.
1. Strands of Undeath doesn't play in T2, bitch. Same goes for Abyssal shit.
2. He could block your abyssal shit with his Liege of the pit.
3. gb2 /tg/
Pillory makes it where he can't block or attack, l2read faggot.

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