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So, what recently finished shows are worth watching? I've been out of the loop for the past three years or so, only watching specific shows here and there (the most popular ones, obviously, typical shounen shit like Sword art online, Attack on titan, and more recently, Log Horizon and Golden Time). I have no particular preference regarding genres, I enjoy a lot of it, even the cutesy stuff, like Golden Time.

By recent, I mean, November/December 2013-January/February 2014.

(If this post is in the wrong board; I would appreciate it if you could point me to the right one)
Meganebu's from earlier in 2013, but I'm sure you'd like it.
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>Meganebu's from earlier in 2013, but I'm sure you'd like it.
Thanks a lot, checking it out now!
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Bumping for more suggestions.

Anime sure is great, huh!?
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Pupa's pretty recent and it's great so far.
What a grown up way of informing me that there is such a thing as a wiki page filled with exactly what I'm looking for! Who would have thunk it possible to inform someone who obviously does not frequent the board in a friendly manner; instead of enforcing the stereotypes surrounding this specific board!

Thanks for the link though.

Thanks for the suggestion!
No rec threads, fuck off.
Try Mahou Senshou too
98% of these are old as shit (and I've already seen them). I worded my question to be fairly specific:
"What recently finished shows"
"Recent being November '13 - February '14"

Again, google is not answering my questions.
>"What recently finished shows (as in, finished late last year, early this year, scheduled to finish within the month [of february]) are worth watching"
>"I have been on a three year hiatus, I no longer know what's what regarding this specific type of media."

Thanks, checking it out!

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