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Is this GAR?
yes, yes, it is
Lol, Im never going to get to read that scene
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This is it. I haven't said this since before summer, and I don't think I'll ever say it for another long time...

I'm GAR for shirou.
How comes Archer has a Nigra arm?
Because dark people are superior.

Shirou was a wimpy pale white kid, but then he darkened up and manned up.

fuck yeah boi!
My line of thought is becoming clear.
I understand my own combat strength.
Material projection through the reenactment of creation ideology, base core, production technique, possession experience, accumulation of years;
Actualization of inner world through theory of thaumaturgy/world egg; the reflipping of the diagram of the world inscribed on the soul; a Reality Marble.

Passing of combat technique, experience, body strengthening accumulated by Archer.
Correction, error in processing of body strengthening. Death from slashing wounds is same as prior.

Reality Marble - Unlimited Blade Works; deployment impossible.
Archer's world and my world are different. Reenactment is not possible.
Replication can only be from what Emiya Shirou directly learned or the Noble Phantasms that Archer recorded.
When taking Noble Phantasms from left arm, extract and replicate from "Unlimited Blade Works" the most appropriate Noble Phantasm for usage objective.

"Trace, on"

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