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File: 1167769077650.jpg (82 KB, 640x443)
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Remember when /a/ was still good? Yea I miss those days too.
oh lawd
not enought meaningfull conversations IMO
fuck off newfag
You like Code Geass. Your vision of good is skewed.
Something tells me it should be me saying that to you...unless you can remember /a/ before 2M Get
FACT: /a/ is better since /jp/ sucked away most of the fail
man, remember when your-mom were like LOL GG and then subbed the hell out of geass? i wonder who'll pick up s2.
Actually its worse but again, I'm thinking even farther back.
/a/ was never good.
So why are you here?

Because /a/ provides lulz and fapfodder among other things.

Besides, it's not like Anon can go anywhere else. ;_;
lol personal standards for what counts as a newfag.

Soon we'll have people going "whoever wasn't here for 10 Mil GET is a newfag."
File: 1205364761567.jpg (35 KB, 625x492)
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Then you dumbasses learned that windows came with paint and this crap started...it was all downhill from there

lurk moar.
File: 1205365022774.jpg (101 KB, 640x480)
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101 KB JPG
Complaining about the fact "/a/ was never good" was always funny.
File: 1205365158643.jpg (41 KB, 1036x776)
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Kids these days!
File: 1205365230004.jpg (439 KB, 2264x590)
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439 KB JPG
Good is a subjective concept but seeing as /a/'s still active one must assume the majority still consider it good and the minority for all their whining can't leave
Trolls trying to one up eachother are what keep /a/ and 4chan in general alive. It was never good.
File: 1205365417676.jpg (19 KB, 400x300)
19 KB
uuwang begs to differ
/a/ is fine at late night. I'm not going to say because everyone during the day is kiddy, it's just that people with nothing better to do like sleeping at 3AM on a Tuesday generally have a good understanding of how things work around here.
File: 1205365792773.jpg (38 KB, 550x309)
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no night /a/ is made up of egotistical fags who get their feelings hurt when normal people are awake. This is also a time for foreigners to think they are clever and make bad comments about the US.
perfect example is today's threads on "offical /a/ ..opinions" etc. spamming that with 10 new threads at any age just shows what a GIANT FAGGOT RAPE MY FACE one really is.
Yeah they can be full of themselves, but what I enjoy most then is that there is a bit more discussion instead of the old troll fests like this thread. That and mahjong.
Saging to let this thread die.

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