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I just got done watching Banner of the stars. I know there is book of them, and some recap movies. But is there any animated versions of the other volumes after Banner of the Stars III?
No. The newest book came out last year. Don't expect anymore adaptations.
Alright thanks.
> But is there any animated versions of the other volumes after Banner of the Stars III?
Yeah good luck with that. I would love it but it will never happen.
Space elf vermin should be exterminated.
I havent seen the recap movies yet. Is the english dub watchable. And by that I mean do they have any other voice actors beside the boring ones used in the animu?
What happened in the latest book? Did space elf finally conquer the whole system?
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This series is one of very few I can watch subbed or dubbed, the dub voice of Lafiel is perfect. Naturally there is no "baka" in the dub, "you fool" just doesn't have the same feel, but this actress is still pretty great.
I agree that the voice matches Lafiel. But she was just so monotone the entire time. Which I know is how her character is suppose to sound. But It just sounds like they are reading off the script, and not putting any effort into it.
>There will never be Banner of the Stars IV

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