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>put brief string of DNA sequence in the background
>any sensible DNA sequence that conveys any useful information is millions of these acids
>but no, this particular 10,20 character sequence is useful like that

>call it deep

sausagea anno
>you will never be this virgin
Not really, there are working genes with only few dozen base pairs.

A lot of proteins are quite small.
Yeah but 20 acids long? Come on. And any useful string is usually annotated by humans for ease of readability.
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You cannot possibly be implying that such a short string of DNA is linked with Rei's inhuman nature.

Please elaborate
Please unravel more secrets with your great knowledge, OP
File: 1389807026636.jpg (82.57 KB, 500x500)
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Breaking news, turns out Anno doesn't know shit about anything. Someone give this man a Pulitzer.

analeu past
>common knowledge

Wah! The background didn't scroll. This breaks immersion in so many ways and is the biggest problem with the series.
You do realize the sequence was just representative of an idea and shouldnt taken as "THIS IS LITERALLY A STRING OF HER PLEASE COUNT THE CHARACTERS"
Also im being pulled along anyways, so whats the point
Welp, there's no helping you OP
Take Anno's flaccid penis out of your crusty mouth. You don't need to defend him.

>valid, incisive observation that's precisely phrased and happens to be a result of minor attention to detail
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Let me call them up and tell them they need to reanimate the shot. Let's tell them they need to display a couple million characters because one viewer didn't get the point.

[sim-buh-liz-uhm] Show IPA
the practice of representing things by symbols, or of investing things with a symbolic meaning or character.
>My show for 16 years olds isnt realistic!

You need to get laid, dude.
who the fuck wants to get laid?
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You go, OP! Gainax's gross campaign of misinformation shall not stand. Shit, it's like they don't even know how DNA works.
OPs statement is untrue. First of all most genes measure in the thousands, not millions of base pairs. While there are genes that number in 2.8 million base pairs and above these genes are the exception and take hours to be expressed, much too long for genetic response to environmental stimuli.

It is also untrue that small sequences of DNA cannot have a profoundly important role in gene expression. Promoters and operators are very short sections of DNA that are required for binding the proteins needed to begin RNA transcription. I hasten to add that the start and stop codons are mandatory for genetic expression and are each only three base pairs long (DNA has one start and three stop codons).

*Hundreds and thousands.
it is

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