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Okay /a/ let me put this clear, I KNOW what true darkness is and i've been there lots of times, people being murdered, diying in horrible accidents, raped, sold and being worked on by doctors and scientists while alive and awake for the sake of money, saw people diying in the street because of being starving for days with people passing away without no one to help them, even me.

When i watched this animation i said "this is what i needed" after that i realized this is the kind of pandering the humans need to stay in touch with their feelings, we don't need overcomplicated stories to make us feel something, sometimes we just need a little touch on our hear even if it is for just a second.

Now i need to go back to my world, please take care /a/ the world is dangerous and even if magic or true technology does not exist where you live, someday, it will leak out and make the world a better place.

Apparently some sort of Shitaku ripoff?
K, but don't argue for a second that it's good. It isn't.

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