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Quality or QUALITY?

I enjoyed the York Shin ark the most, this ark with the ants isn't too great, disregarding the QUALITY. It just feels wrong that an enemy with ludicrous powers spawns from nothing in a few months, which also limits his personality.

Also, I'm no too up to date with the speed which the author draws, how often are new chapters released these days?
Artist that should draw for Togashi while he just does the story.
Why doesn't he use assistants or anything? Is he too proud or is he afraid the artist would oust him from his post or what? You'd think the editors for the magazine would force him to do something, since frankly even I draw better than he does at some chapters.

I think it's actually not all his choice. If I remember right (and I could very well be wrong, so correct me if I am), he asked his wife to try drawing some, since she's also a well-known manga-ka, but she couldn't draw what he was thinking for the Ants or some of the attacks. The issue with HxH is that's it's heavily rooted in Togashi's fantasy world.

OT: Lol still not use to the idea of Pitou being a guy.
Could he just sketch some loose skecthes and someone else draw them properly?

He does draw some characters in a really strange way. I always thought Senritsu was a man(I guess that's easy to guess incorrectly), and Feitan was a woman, not to mention the voice he had in the anime was certainly that of a woman.
basically, he can't find somebody good enough for the work.

he refines the pages for the tonkabons, with the help of his wife(the author of Sailor Moon)

also, I think he has some bet with Hirohiko Araki...
He has too high standards. I'd rather have decent drawings once a week than sometimes great drawings once a year. At this pace he'll never finish the story.

I'm sure his bet with Araki is who can make a longer running series, and he's cheating.

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