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I just finished this. Can we have a thread?
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You see anon, you cant use "I just finished it" or people will just bash you or ignore you.
That's okay i guess. I just want to talk about it.
Read the manga
Might want to go back in time as /a/ only cares about current season or some moeshit
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I had some cheesy moments, but I liked it quite a bit. The OP is god tier.

Also, Misaki a qt
Nah, i think we can talk about this one.
For the drug references that make it a little darker?
Read the book.

>Can we have a thread?

We have a thread for this show every fucking day.
I must have missed them, anon.
File: misaki suicide.png (476.01 KB, 1392x1042)
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read the novel for the drugs
read the manga for yandere Misaki and a "proper" ending
Part of me wishes that he actually ended up in a coma during the suicide meet up and woke up even more miserable knowing that someone he looked up to was dead.

I don't know, just felt like the show didn't go as far as it should have
Yeah, i think i agree with this. I fully expected Misaki to kill herself after episode 23, Then Happy End.

I mean, it's alright, but I think ending the show on a serious note would have made it have more impact.
a darker tone would have alienated shitty people
actually quite the opposite, but you get what I'm getting at, am I right, anon?
Yeah, I'm not saying it would be more enjoyable per se, just that it would have more impact. Art and all that pretentiousness.
Rank the anime, manga, novel.
Nothing against OP but every NHK thread usually circle jerks into whether the novel, manga, or anime is better, Misako will never knock on your door, how the ending was shit or how it hit to close too home.

/a/ doesn't usually leave much room for discussion aside from current airing shows and moeshit.

anime -> novel -> manga.

Misaki is a bitch in the manga. She's more adorable in the anime, and more innocent in the novel.

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