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File: Card Game Thesis.jpg (107.39 KB, 682x866)
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Could card games be serious business.
Shizuka actually looking like Shizuka is fucking amazing.

Same for Anzu and Maybe Bakura.
Hey, aren't those the evangelion characters with yugioh hair?
Yu-Gi-Oh is a deconstruction of the card game genre.
LMAO why kaiba's sister is penguin?
File: 1386721697355.jpg (687.25 KB, 1500x1875)
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No, those are Yugioh characters with evangelion faces.
lol GX
>look how cool and fun it would be if there were a school about card games and colorful characters
>important decisions and the world revolved around them
>you were a powerful figure in a past life
>you're the MC who gets to fight with cards for the future of the world with your friends, how fun

>just kidding, it'd be shit
>your friends would be put into danger constantly
>carrying the burden of the universe robs you of anything you ever liked about this shitty game
>no fun allowed when the fate of the world hangs on every game
this doesn't stop the Judai
>what is Kaiji
MtG resembles the stock market, people have been breaking into cars of well known traders to steal cards, can't get much more real deal than that short of dueling for the fate of the world.
File: 04_024.jpg (162.24 KB, 728x1151)
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Making shit like card games or spinning tops OMG SO DRAMATIC THE WORLD IS ABOUT TO END stuff is such bullshit.

Yugioh was better when it wasn't about card games, just a guy posessed with an evil spirit that used games to fuck up people who messed with the kid, and his best friend who beat the shit out of EVERYONE!
You type like a 13 year old, is this some kind of copypasta? Also, I've read the manga and I can see why Takahashi pushed towards the card game and a tighter overarching story, the formula in the first volume would've become very tired had it gone on longer.
It could have been. Just change the cards to real monsters.

So basically make it Pokemon but with more bullshit strategy.
Could you be any more defensive, fanboy?
Its the truth, once the cardgames were forced to be the mainstay of the story because they make mad bank the series was basically a zombie.
File: smugmug.jpg (68.10 KB, 500x553)
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68.10 KB JPG
I'm not the one typing in all caps about a villain-of-the-week formula that would've outstayed its welcome by the 2nd volume like an edgy 13 year old. The series would've become deader than a zombie if it hadn't changed.

The card game got a relatively big fan response when it first came around so the author decided to go that way. That was it, at first, but then he ended up swimming in all that sweet royalty money. I can't be mad at a man who made that kind of success for himself when it looked like yu-gi-oh was about to be his 3rd-4th failed series.

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