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News regarding the hollywood adaptation of Ghost in the Shell, and guess what? It's all shit!

>Written by the guy whose biggest project was The Cape, a failed TV series most people don't remember
>Directed by the guy who made Snow White and the Huntsman, a film received as "meh" which is now totally forgotten

After Arise Border 1 was a fermented pile of shit and Arise Border 2 just barely elevated itself out of shit only to fall back in periodically over the course of the film (hey at least it's trying) I seriously wanted hollywood to make good on its idea for a Spielberg-directed 3D CGI film.

Oh well!

Now in a few years GITS fans will at best get to stand over the grave of their once-mighty series and wonder why everyone forgot about it, or at worst see the great hero of anime live long enough to become the (humorously ridiculed) villain.

It's all over.

Here's a link faggots: http://www.theguardian.com/film/2014/jan/27/rupert-sanders-direct-hollywood-ghost-in-the-shell
>the great hero of anime
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>implying border 1 was shit

It was better than the original film if you're not a "not muh ghost in the shell" nostalgia faggot
File: 1391304732808.gif (444.18 KB, 320x240)
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>It was better than the original film

I wish I could strangle you through this fucking computer screen.
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This has to be b8
Why do people like Ghost in the Shell?
> wanted hollywood to make good on its idea for a Spielberg-directed 3D CGI film.

Really? You know everything they touch turns to shit.
>Motoko Kusanagi
Well, the big man is apparently a lifelong fan of everything GITS related, and he'd have the budget and expertise to do a decent job at it I feel.

Now it's just going to be a mediocre live action shitfest by a no-name
It uses the medium of film to its advantage in a way that very few pictures can accomplish.

The shots, settings, plot, music, and aesthetics are all supplemental to its themes and idea. It's entertaining, and it does all this without losing its subtlety or treating the audience like children. It also uses the initial 'fanservice' nudity for a very real and unexpected effect, implementing this uncomfortable biological awareness that fits the world's ideas like a glove.

It's one of only a couple movies I've seen that I'd call a 10/10, I can't really think of any problems it has or anything which makes it even a little bit ineffective.

shit's elegant, yo
File: 1358510074885.jpg (3.26 KB, 98x129)
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What about the subsequent tv series?
File: temp7.png (148.07 KB, 283x287)
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>actress incapable of conveying emotion playing an emotionless android

I don't see the problem.

>Border 1

Constanza here >>101942236 is taking the piss about it being better than GiTS but fuck anyone who really things Border 2 is better than 1

Let's think on Border 2's sins
Re-tread of Border 1's novel idea of early team members being hacked
Overly convoluted setup for a simple as hell plot even for a GiTS entry
Shitting on a number of the team's personas (we're all looking at quadruple agent Saito)
Over-use of Day time scenes which doesn't blend well with the design aesthetic of ARiSE
Plot twist you see right through from the first scene

B2 has exactly one good point going for it: The novel idea of hijacking a transit system so complex it can't be managed by humans
Ever see Kristen wield gun or punching people
There's the problem
Stand Alone Complex is stellar as fuck, partially for the same reasons as the film, but also for some accomplishments of its own.

There's too much to say here right now though, SAC is just a really complicated thing. To be short about it, it retains much of the film's subtlety and supplemental construction, but gracefully intermixes it with lighter and more conventionally 'entertaining' scenes. It also does a lot to make characters feel 'human' by making the smart choice to not overblow their personality traits, but only sometimes reveal them.

Also SAC has a beautiful voice cast, likely due to the staggering amount of (really well written) dialogue.

On a final note, perhaps because of the big focus on speech, the english casting and writing for SAC is astoundingly good. I mean HELLA good, to the point that I feel it outclasses the original japanese track by far. It is the only anime series where the dub is better than the sub. The only one.

>It is the only anime series where the dub is better than the sub. The only one.

What is Ghost Stories the anime?
>It is the only anime series where the dub is better than the sub. The only one.

what is bebop?
File: 1386170734941.png (195.66 KB, 447x329)
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>the only one
Didn't the english dub have Lt. Colonel Best Husbando Campbell in it?
File: 1249304997867.png (87.07 KB, 216x216)
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>Motoko Kusanagi
no fuck you

Blum did a pretty solid Spike but it isn't better than the japanese dub overall
>what is pantystocking
>what is Persona 4?
File: i hate these people.jpg (142.34 KB, 800x793)
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>>what is pantystocking
File: PH - Baccano 2.jpg (530.23 KB, 1000x1481)
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>It is the only anime series where the dub is better than the sub. The only one.
>dub is better than the sub.

Yeah, pic related would like to have a word with you.
Also wrong. I didn't hate the dub, but it didn't feel natural like the japanese. It didn't feel intended.
Dub > Sub for GITS in my opinion.
Major voice is cute as fuck.
>didn't feel natural like the japanese. It didn't feel intended.
>Anime is set in 1920s America
>Funi put more work into this dub then any other then worked on
>Went through more than 100 people looking for the right people to voice each character
>Implying the anime wasn't natural when it damn sure was in the world they were in
>Warner Brothers' plans for a live action take on 1988 cyberpunk classic Akira are currently mired in development hell.
>he studio had at one point reportedly planned a version starring High School Musical's Zac Efron and Twilight's Robert Pattinson in the key roles of Kaneda and Tetsuo.

Please just fucking kill me

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