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I rewatched DTB Gaiden and fuck, my heart was not ready for Yin's cuteness. I loved seeing her develop feelings for Hei.
Gaiden's probably my favorite installment of the series.
Yin thread?
Losing it thread?
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I love how all the doujins of her are cute vanilla.
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>you will never know what happened to Hei
I loved the episode when they kill the guy holding the dolls and the piano music plays
Do you think Suou would get along with Yin?
Do you mean the episode that revealed Yin's past?
>You'll never give loli Yin music lessons
Yeah i still listen at that piano play
S3 when?
when you've lost it.
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so i watched s1 of darker than black and loved it, tried to watch s2 and gave up about 3 episodes in. does it get any better? i heard that there were some yinxhei undertones for the rest of s2, which would definitely put me off watching the rest of it. is there any truth in that?
>i heard that there were some yinxhei undertones for the rest of s2
There isn't much of that at all in S2.
>which would definitely put me off watching the rest of it
Why's that?
In any case, Give Gaiden a shot.
>why's that
1. heixamber is the only ship i give a shit about in all of anime/manga, so i'd be a bit annoyed to see something other than that happening

2. i got more of a brother/sister vibe for hei/yin in season 1. i mean hei definitely cared about yin, but i never got any romantic vibes from his efforts to protect her and what not

i'll probably eventually check the rest of s2 out, though. thanks
>never got any romantic vibes
Gotta read between the lines, man.
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