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Griffith may be charismatic and a brilliant strategist, but he is a self destructive motherfucker. Allow me to explain.

- Griffith says that he does not consider a friend someone who follows his dream. Guts realizes that he needs a dream of his own, and sets off.
- Due to Griffith no longer having his unstoppable killing machine chess piece, he fucks the princess. The King promptly fucks him with bladed dildos.
- Griffith becomes godhand, reincarnates using Guts and Caska's child as vessel. Said vessel still has strong feelings towards his mother and father, protecting them whenever possible.
- Griffith allows an apostle(?) that states to his face that he will cut off his head off to follow him.
- Mainland religion clearly states that Griffith will make all those involved with him to be consumed in darkness.

My theory? Griffith will do something so heinous that will make human, apostle or otherwise to hate his guts. One thing is to achieve your dream, to keep it is a whole another altogether.

And Skull Knight needs to tell his story on what happened with Void.
Who is Griffith? Is he the boat?
File: queerondaemonaction.png (719.39 KB, 1692x1200)
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Looks like the former shingeki shipper faggots-currently kill la kill fans are jumping on this Berserk boat.

It's probably the best to drop this now. Fuck you

Is Skull Knight and Zodd supposed to be an inversion of the Griffth and Guts rivalry?

I wonder what could Griffth do that's worse than the Eclipse though?
>Skull Knight will be the "real" enemy.
>Guts fags are really stupid if they think Miura isn't going to make Griffith a tragic hero.
can anyone link to that mediafire directory of berserk that was linked last night?
"let's say deep words to bully Guts today hahaha!"
I don't think it's an inversion nessecarily. But they definately have a deep history with little witch's master.
Bleed on a behelit and then sacrifice the entire population of falconia (human and apostle) and create a new planet where humans, apostles and aliens can live in peace.
For some reason i always imagine the soundtrack for Griffith and Guts' final battle is "it has to be this way" because it really fits for some reason. But who am i kidding, Guts will never get off the boat.
>there are people who don't like pre-Golden Age Guts
>the MAJORITY of Berserk readers apparently agree with this
God damn, how can you? That was like, the best Guts.
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File: 1391914894596.jpg (515.69 KB, 1280x960)
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You're doing Allah's work, son. Thank you
That was Guts being a mad dog. Thus why they dislike him. He is just a meat grinding machine with little to no emotions.
>little to no emotions
Eh? I find the current Guts to be more like that. He's older in appearance and personality so he acts more stoic and serious. He seems much more subdued in comparison to when he was still coming to grips with living in the Interstice, which was just such a more interesting part of his development imo. I mean, I get that he had to evolve from that stage eventually, but to DISLIKE that part... so gay.
File: 1370828343021.png (91.61 KB, 283x343)
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>tfw guts doesn't stand a chance against griffith and will die like a bitch when he finally confronts him

the power of the fairies will avail him.
File: 1375948036055.jpg (20.25 KB, 246x250)
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Wrong kind of fairies, bruh.
There needs to be a second eclipse where Guts sacrifices his group in order to become part of the God hand. Guts kills Griffith and the God hand, and then asks Skull knight to kill him.

Something horrible needs to happen to Guts again in order to make up for the bullshit shounen tropes in these last couple of arcs.
File: 36901666.jpg (405.39 KB, 707x1000)
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What? No.

Pre-golden age guts was running away from having to face Caska, like Godo noted. He was using rage and hate to cope.

Now adays Guts is like that because Slan almost shattered his soul. He can't help himself. But he still has his emotions. He is just calm when he is not fighting for his life.
i was told skull kinght has beef with void. i dont know zods deal is

implying that slut godhand isnt gonna side with him for kicks.
>Something horrible needs to happen to Guts again in order to make up for the bullshit shounen tropes in these last couple of arcs.

things are working out so well for guts team that I expect some twisted fate being orchestrated here.
Zodd is a friend/rival of Skull Knight. He is happy when he gets to spar with him, noting distaste for being forced to fight him for no good reason during the Eclipse. Mayeb because Skull Knight is one of the few who can give him a pummeling.
a new godhand is made every 200 years. guts will never be one. He likes killing demons. He'd rather kill them than join them.
Whats the point of guts owning a behelit?
Foreshadowing. Someone will betray him.
What do you guys think caska will do when she regains her memory and sees griffith again?

I bet she goes back to him and guts will try to kill her but griffith will intervene
If one of the godhand is killed can't they replace them? Skull Knight could kill void or some shit and then this allows the possibility of Guts using that behelit.
I don't think guts has a crimson behelit anyway which is needed to become a godhand.

he just has a regular one which can be used to sacrifice someone to save his own life
He raped her into insanity, and her aborted child became a demon.

I do not think she likes him.
she also tried to go to him when she saw him after ward

also guts tried to rape her
File: guts vs griffith.png (397.97 KB, 961x875)
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397.97 KB PNG
>Guts and his merry gang decide to forgo trying to kill Griffith and live happily ever after on elf island
>little do they know the boat ride will never end
I want you to read what you just typed
Remember that Kingdom that was sunk into the ground by the Gods?
The Skullknight was the king of that kingdom, then he set on a course to take vengeance on them.

And i keep telling your niggas about the moon-child and how he's part of Griffith. inb4 king crimson.
File: 1392103006651.png (17.53 KB, 267x200)
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>guts will die like a bitch
File: 1390669948967.png (22.25 KB, 645x773)
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Man there's so much shit left unexplained, it feels like Berserk will never be finished.

Off the top of my head theres

Skull Knight
Explanation to that "something" about the Dragonslayer
Hawk of Darkness
Guts' Behelit and whose it actually belongs too
God it's been so long it's so easy for me to forget tiny details like this. I might need to go through the series again to refresh before Miura releases another chapter.
I'll explain it for you.


>Skull Knight

Enchanted to kill demons, also killed a dragon

>Hawk of Darkness

Another town, another sacrifice


>Guts' Behelit
You mean Puck's Behelit.
If Guts never actually gets to kill a dragon with Dragonslayer I'll be pissed.
No i mean, gone into the story of them.

There's clearly much more to these subjects then what you said
>You mean Puck's Behelit.


oh snap
>Puck uses egg and sacrifices Guts and company
>Kills godhand singlehandedly
>Fucks Casca for good measure
>Becomes strongest Berserk
Yeah they just showed this in the manga for eyecandy. It doesn't mean anything.

What if he kills that Giant Apostle, something the Red. The big dragon guy with diamond skin
File: 1386648145932.jpg (125.97 KB, 960x856)
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125.97 KB JPG
There will never be another chapter.
File: mad mozgus.png (229.05 KB, 429x432)
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>they will never animate anything after the golden age
dunno m8 lol

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