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File: 1346836623528.png (24.35 KB, 128x221)
24.35 KB
24.35 KB PNG
Add "in my pants" to the end of an anime's name. What do you get?

A Certain Scientific Railgun In My Pants
File: 1390111671137.gif (407.22 KB, 400x335)
407.22 KB
407.22 KB GIF
Higurashi no naku koro ur a faget
Kino's Journey In My Pants
Broken Blade In My Pants
code: gay ass in my pants
black lagoon in my pants
panty and stocking with garterbelt in my pants
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure in my Pants
Love, Chuunibyou, and other delusions in my pants
Log Horizon in my pants
Darker Than Black in my pants
Attack on Titan in my pants
Bleach in my pants
Gargantia in my pants

am I doin it rite xDDD
Honey and Clover in my pants
heh, better check that man
Monster in my pants
Big O In My Pants
Berserk In My Pants
Dirty Pair In My Pants
Betterman In My Pants
Full Metal Panic In My Pants
Trigun In My Pants
Lucky Star in my pants
Berserk In My Pants
Watamote in my pants.

File: assassination-classroom.jpg (182.61 KB, 1200x871)
182.61 KB
182.61 KB JPG
I wanna get assassinated by him.
Dog Days in my pants
Silver Spoon In My Pants
El Hazard: The Magnificent World In My Pants
Shadow Skill In My Pants
Rune Soldier Louie In My Pants
Slayers In My Pants
Darker than Black in my pants.
My Neighbor Totoro In My Pants
Dog and Scissors in my pants.
Mushishi in my pants.
I don't get it.
Fate/Stay a Night in my pants
Usagi Drop In My Pants
Midori's Days In My Pants
You're Under Arrest In My Pants
City Hunter In My Pants
When They Cry In My Pants
Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt in my pants
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure In My Pants
Are you 12?
Your mom is 12.
Initial D in my pants
You didn't even need to add "in my pants"
>Your mom is 12 in my pants
Legend of Galactic Heroes In My Pants
Honey And Clover In My Pants
Tiger And Bunny In My Pants
Gatchaman Crowds In My Pants
Dragon Ball in my pants?
Another in my pants
Cobra in my pants
Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai in my pants
Golden Time in my pants
TADA BANRI in my pants
Those Who Hunt Elves in my pants
Gunbuster in my pants
Robot Girls in my pants
Giant Robo in my pants
I want /b/ to leave.
how can my little sister be this cute in my pants.
Everyday Life of High School Boys In My Pants.
hey, cans we add sum manga (and sum corean comics) too?

My Balls. In My Pants
The Breaker In My Pants
Sun-Ken Rock In My Pants
Flower of Evil In My Pants
Desert Punk In My Pants
Lost Universe In My Pants
File: 0gNLZSU.jpg (87.79 KB, 400x489)
87.79 KB
87.79 KB JPG
Full Metal Panic in my pants
File: midori days weg.jpg (392.69 KB, 2000x764)
392.69 KB
392.69 KB JPG
New game
Anime titles ending in
>in bed

Berserk in bed
I would watch the SHIT out of a reverse trap imouto show. I was about to post that one.

Red Line in my pants. I should get that checked out.
NouKome in my pants.
Royal Space Force in my pants: The Pants of Honneamise
Love, Elections and Chocolate In My Pants
Golden Boy In My Pants
Boys over Flowers In My Pants
I Don't Have Many Friends In My Pants
File: TWHE_3.gif (794.60 KB, 480x360)
794.60 KB
794.60 KB GIF
Those Who Hunt Elves In My Pants

Spice & Wolf In My Pants

Now and Then, Here and There In My Pants
Happiness! in bed
Tiger & Bunny 2: The Rising in my pants
Serial Experiments Lain in my pants
So after Kino escaped, she pretty much had to do lewd things to make money?

How sad.
Graveyard for Fireflies in my Pants
File: Arnett Bikini.png (561.95 KB, 594x1016)
561.95 KB
561.95 KB PNG
Freezing Vibration in my Pants
My Ordinary Life in bed
"A young girl makes a fully functional humanoid robot she names "Nano".
Except she didn't give her the ability to walk.
Nano spends her days in bed, hoping that she will some day get to go to school like a real girl. Or go out to the yard, at least. Maybe see what's on the other side of the hallway, I don't know.

Also, see Yukko, lieing in bed. Here comes her mom; I hope she's got a good excuse for sleeping in on a school day.

Yeah, didn't think so."
5 centimeters per second in my pants
I'm sorry for you.
Taishou Baseball Girls in my pants

Is it eight of clock yet? damn.[\spoiler][\spoiler]
If I put it in any faster she would rip.
File: 1375414642867.png (130.86 KB, 318x336)
130.86 KB
130.86 KB PNG
Ghost in the Shell in My Pants
File: burnheal.png (4.52 KB, 240x160)
4.52 KB
4.52 KB PNG
Burn Up! in my pants
(ALWAYS use protection)
Fooly Cooly in my pants.
Child's Toy in my pants
Ef: A tale of memories in my pants.
Yamada's First Time in my pants
GANTZ in my pants!
Vampire Princess Miyu in bed

Vampire Hunter D in my pants

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